ScrawlrBox #25 – September 2017

image by: dragonsdust Featured Artist: Tillith Hi, I’m Tillith! My real name is Isabella and I’m a self taught artist from Germany. I’ve been drawing since I was a child, back when I wanted to become an Astronaut. Unfortunately I’ve not become an Astronaut but my obsession with space is still […]

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ScrawlrBox #24 – August 2017


image by: dragonsdust Featured Artist: Rob Turpin Rob is an illustrator and designer from the North of England, now living and working near London. He likes to draw robots, spaceships and imaginary places and is currently working on his first children’s book. Take some inspiration from his detailed drawings and try […]

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ScrawlrBox #23 – July 2017

mockerigram July 17 ScrawlrBox

image by: mockerigram Featured Artist: Sydney Nielsen Sydney Nielsen is sixteen years old and has been creating art for as long as she can remember. She plans to develop her passion for art into a career in the future and with her talent for creation, and growing popularity, we have no […]

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ScrawlrBox #22 – June 2017

image by: monkeymintaka Featured Artist: Benjamin Davis Benjamin Davis, 25 years old, born and raised in Bridgend, South Wales, UK. He has been drawing for as long as he can remember, but really started to up his game after being inspired by other artists on instagram. He saved up enough to […]

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ScrawlrBox #21 – May 2017

image by: gemmeii_illu Featured Artist: Chip Whitehouse Chip Whitehouse is an artist/painter who live streams his process of creating traditional media as a partnered entertainer on Best known for his flamboyant personality and colourful over the top imagery, as well as his impeccable eye for capturing faces, Chip is also a […]

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ScrawlrBox #20 – April 2017

image by: abbieinspired Featured Artist: Stina Jones Stina Jones is an illustrator and graphic designer from Manchester, UK, creating fun character artworks for a range of applications – from small scale prints and digital graphics, through to large scale murals and installations. Stina’s sketchbooks are filled with strange characters conjured from […]

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ScrawlrBox #19 – March 2017

image by: art.melody Featured Artist: David Ambarzumjan David Ambarzumjan is an eighteen-year-old Armenian living in Germany. His work is inspired by nature and the cosmos. He uses a wide range of mediums but has recently become interested in soft pastels as a medium to create night skies and imaginary landscapes. You […]

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ScrawlrBox #18 – February 2017

image by: benjaminhepton Featured Artist: Annatomix Previously a musician, sound engineer and DJ – doing occasional illustration work – Annatomix decided to make art her full time endeavour in 2010. She has spent the last 6 years developing her style and narrative, and produced her first solo show in London, in February […]

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ScrawlrBox #17 – January 2017

image by: art.melody Featured Artist: Gemma Stylz Gemma Stylz, born in Lambeth London 1982. She completed two Higher National Diplomas in Fine Art and Illustration at Northbrook College, 2006. Stylz (formerly Pallat) works in a wide range of mediums and has an extensive range of work on paper in traditional pencil […]

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ScrawlrBox #16 – December 2016

image by: art.melody Featured Artist: Rebecca Loechler Rebecca Loechler is a self taught artist and illustrator living in Boston, MA, USA. The type of design work Rebecca creates is calming and meditative. It requires patience, focus, and precision. Inspired by nature, diverse cultures, symmetry, and organic design, Rebecca hopes to share […]

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