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ScrawlrBox #6 – February 2016

image by: melosza Featured Artist: Katrin Niederleithner Katrin Niederleithner, better known as @Jarlie86 , is a self-taught illustrator, designer, author and creative all-rounder from Germany. She creates realistic portraits and street art, as well as cute little children’s book characters and manga. Her works are colourful, inspired by movies, TV shows, music , pop-culture and […]

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ScrawlrBox #5 – January 2016

image by: ashleybtattoo Featured Artist: IGotTheDoodles IGotTheDoodles: A self taught (anonymous) artist working from Leicester, UK. Using a wide range of black markers, alongside various colour mediums, he implements abstract bold and thin line combinations to form intricate characters. Mixing a passion to be unique and a desire to break conventional art ‘rules’ to create his signature doodletastic masterpieces. Plus there’s […]

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ScrawlrBox #4 – December 2015

image by: gemtattooz Featured Artist: Zarina Kay Zarina Kay is a full time artist based in Dallas, Texas. As a technically trained artist who studied classic painting and technique she now incorporates feelings and emotion into her artwork. Her work focuses on the simple beauties of our world. Crystals, plants, portraits, things that have organic substance. The inspiration that comes from […]

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ScrawlrBox #3 – November 2015

image by: invisible_pudding Featured Artist: Vince Okerman Surprisingly, Vince Okerman has only been doodling for just over a year, but his popularity grew quickly as a seminal icon of doodle art. Born in Belgium, Vince (aka Vexx), began doodling last August and draws inspiration from his favourite music, D&B, and dubstep. ‘I get my best ideas when I can’t […]

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ScrawlrBox #2 – October 2015

image by: anneblondiebengard Featured Artist: Anne Bengard Berlin based artist Anne Bengard explores the relationship between people, expression and imagination within her work. With an open minded, free and playful approach, she aims to encourage the viewer to adopt an unrestricted attitude and question their preconceptions. The use of juxtapositions and undertones of humour and eroticism within […]

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ScrawlrBox #1 – September 2015

image by: isabel_224 Featured Artist: Melody Szabó Melody Szabó is a 16 year old self taught Hungarian artist, who only started drawing last January. Her colourful mandala pieces have gained her a great following quickly and we were pleased to feature her work. email: [email protected] | Instagram: @art.melody | Facebook: artbymelod Challenge: Levitate     What was in the box? […]

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