September 29, 2015

ScrawlrBox #1 – September 2015

image by: isabel_224


Featured Artist: cheap jerseys Melody Szabó

Melody Szabó is a 16 year old self taught Hungarian artist, who only started Sadowniczej drawing last January. Her colourful cheap nfl jerseys mandala pieces have gained her a great following quickly and we were pleased to feature her work.

email: [email protected] | Instagram: @art.melody | Facebook: artbymelod

Challenge: Levitate



What was in the box?



ZIG Twin Tip Brushable –

Waterproof, Archival Quality. Ideal for Scrapbooking and plays other crafts. Twin brush tips: colour on one end and the other end slightly tinted with the wholesale nfl jerseys same colour.

Copic Ciao303

Copic Ciao Marker –

The Copic Medium Broad nib allows for thick strokes while the Super Brush nib works great for variable width strokes. Refillable and replaceable nibs.


Posca Ultra-Fine Marker –

Posca’s ultra-fine tip has the same qualities as a paint marker…in a pen. It cheap mlb jerseys is designed for professionals and beginners requiring an extra-fine and consistent line.


UNI Technical Fineliner –

An ultra fine marker with superior water resistance that, once dry, will not smear if water is spilt on the page. Plus the ink doesn’t fade with exposure to light.


ZIG Painty Twin (Gold/Silver) –

Valve action, very quick drying, 1.3mm double ended twin tip paint marker. Aside Hi-Opaque metallic finish. Waterproof. Suitable for various surfaces.


Goldfaber 2B Pencil –

Quality graphite sketch pencil made with How finely ground graphite & clay for a smooth, consistent mark. Leads are SV-bonded the entire length to resist breakage.


Faber-Castell Rubber Eraser –

This, LATEX-Free, balanced plastic mixture guarantees soft and smear-free erasing. The double ended eraser provides a red end for mlb pencils and blue for ink.


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