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  • ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box

Mar '22 ScrawlrBox

It has been said that we are living and breathing during the golden age of invention, so with this month's box we look to the androids, the machines and the bionic beings of our world, to inspire our artistic creations.  In this world of developing technology the sky is the limit, so what futuristic designs will you create?  This robotic themed box contains 6 Marabu Markers - Alpha Robot Set, a black 0.3mm Copic Multiliner, a 3B Koh I Noor 1900 Pencil, a Lyra Polycolor Pencil in Dark Violet and an A5 Smooth White Card Pad.

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What was in the box?

Marabu Markers x6 Alpha Robot Set

Marabu Graphix Sketch markers are filled with a top quality alcohol-based ink that is low-odour and rapid-drying. These markers are perfect for layering and will create fantastically intense colour depth the more layers you apply. These colours can also be mixed whilst the ink is still wet on your surface. These markers have dual Japanese tips, a fine 1mm brush nib at one end for precise control and crisp, fine detailing and a 7mm chisel tip at the other, great for covering large areas quickly. This pack includes 6 grey tones (3 cool and 3 warm) to experiment and create with.

Copic Multiliner, Black, 0.3

This multiliner is a fantastic little tool for all of your outlining and line drawing requirements. The fine 0.3mm nib is fantastic for fine details and the ink is waterproof, bleed-proof (so great when used with alcohol markers) and resistant to UV light, keeping your work crisp and clear for time to come.

Koh I Noor 1900 Pencil, 3B

This beautifully crafted pencil is made with the highest quality graphite lead, encased in a characteristic black hexagonal barrel made of Californian cedar wood. It is lightfast, easy to erase and durable making it perfect for all of your sketching and drawing needs.

Lyra Polycolor Pencil, Dark Violet

Made from the best natural PEFC-cetified cedar wood, that features a coloured end that matches the lead so you know what colour you are about to work with. It has a 4mm diameter lead for better yield, which is made from permanent high-pigment powders that are UV resistant. This pencil will guarantee an intense, bright colour distribution every time.

Smooth White Card Pad 250gsm A5

This fantastic, extra smooth card is perfect for all of your crafting and colouring needs. The surface is particularly well suited to pen, ink and markers as it will not bleed. This drawing card is acid-free and has a resilient surface designed to endure repeated working and erasing.