• ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box
  • ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box

Apr '22 ScrawlrBox

There are mysteries and magic to be found around every corner of the jungle. So with this box, take a walk on the wild side to explore the undiscovered secrets of the densely packed wilderness. This box contains 6 Derwent Chromaflow Pencils, a black Uni PIN Extra Fine Brush Pen, a Staedtler Metal Double Sharpener, a Factis p36 Eraser and 10 sheets of A5 Toned Drawing Paper Pad. What will you create?

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What was in the box?

Derwent Chromaflow Pencils x6

These Derwent Chromaflow

pencils guarantee bold, vibrant and

saturated colour for any project.

These pencils are wax based,

offering a rich and creamy lay-down

specially designed to layer and

blend in a smooth and velvety

finish. They are formulated with

rich pigments that will show up not

only on white papers but toned

papers as well (even on black!)

and the 3.5mm premium strength

core ensures its durability during

sharpening and during extensive

use. During the manufacturing

process, glue is applied to the

entire length of the pencil slat, to

make sure the core stays in place

and to minimise any breakage that

may interrupt your creative flow.

These pencils are sure to provide

an expressive colour range for all of

your artistic endeavours.

Uni PIN Extra Fine Brush Pen (Black)

This fade-proof and water resistant pigment

ink fine line pen is often a first choice amongst

artists and designers. The brush tip is firm

but flexible, so it will adapt seamlessly to any

pressure, angle or speed that you use it at.

This pen is a two-in-one that will provide you

with excellent control for delicate line work, as

well expressive brush pen painting techniques

for any creative project.

Staedtler Metal Double Sharpener 510 20

The Steadtler durable, metal

sharpener is the ideal partner to

your Chromaflow pencils, keeping them

sharp and ready for your creativity. It features

2 holes that will cover a wide range of pencil

sizes up to 10.2mm diameter and it also has an

extra-long guiding slot to prevent wedging or

breaking, prolonging your pencils’ lives for as

long as possible.

Factis p36 Eraser

This soft and flexible eraser is

fantastic for gently lifting pigment and

graphite from paper without damaging

the paper surface, and is designed to work on

a wide range of delicate surfaces including

tracing papers and films. This eraser will not

leave any unwanted residue on your artwork

and is a perfect companion to any pencil

themed project.

A5 Toned Drawing Paper Pad, 115gsm, 10 sheets

This toned and textured paper is

a great all-round surface that is

suited for a myriad of mediums

including charcoal, coloured

pencils, pastels, chalks and

more. These natural, browntoned

sheets will give your

artwork an organic and rustic

ambiance, perfect for any

elemental or earthy creations.