• ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box
  • ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box
  • ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box

Apr '21 ScrawlrBox

A delicate brush stroke can be as beautiful and elegant as a feather of a bird.  Join our featured artist Camilla Gardner and dive into the world of avian art with this month's supplies.  This box contains 6 Daler Rowney Aquafine watercolour tubes, a  Derwent Push Button Waterbrush, 2 Royal Sovereign Chinagraph Pencils in black and white and 8 sheets of A5 Watercolour paper.

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What was in the box?

Daler Rowney Aquafine Watercolour Tubes

Daler Rowney proudly continue their long heritage of manufacturing in the United Kingdom, based in the South of England, in Bracknell. These Aquafine Watercolour paints are made from a selection of modern, high-quality pigments that are milled to perfection, offering optimal performance and control. Aquafine watercolours are richly pigmented, free-flowing colours with fantastic lightfast properties. The transparent colours have excellent tinting strength and working properties that reliably produce beautiful, delicate washes every time you use them.

Derwent Push Button Waterbrush (M)

This convenient refillable water-brush is perfect for painting on the go, wherever and whenever creativity hits. This brush features a large water barrel and has a push button for easy to control water release. The bristles are made from durable nylon fibres, which holds shape and point for continuous and regular use. To fill it, just unscrew the two halves of the barrel and pour in a little water.

Royal Sovereign Chinagraph Pencils

These versatile pencils will work on virtually any surface, including china, plastics, acetate, film, brick, wood and glass. By combing specially selected pigments and waxes, they are resistant to water (but you can remove them from non-porous surfaces with a dry cloth or a tissue) making them for an interesting pairing with watercolour paints. These are extremely accessible and easy to use and can even be sharpened with a normal pencil sharpener.

A5 Watercolour Pad 300gsm (CP) 8 Sheets

This watercolour pad is custom made just for our Scrawlrs and is excellent paired with any water based medium. This pad contains 8 sheets of premium quality paper, so you should have plenty to get you through the weeks before your next box arrives.