Dec '19 ScrawlrBox

This box contained everything you need to explore the world of abstract and geometric designs.  To help you emulate the style of our featured artist, Mirela Duta, this box contains a pack of Derwent Metallic Pencils, two Faber Castell Metallic Markers, the Clairefontaine PaintOn Black Pad and a rose-gold Derwent Copper Ruler.


What was in the box?

Derwent Metallic Pencils

Derwent Metallic Pencils blend together beautifully to create vivid and striking effects. These pencils are water-soluble so they’re great for creating shimmery watercolour paintings without the mess of traditional paints. They are incredibly easy to blend so no need to worry about ruining your work with unsightly pencil strokes. You can also use them dry as they are easy to sharpen and break resistant which makes them great for layering, adding detail or creating an iridescent effect. These highly reflective pigments are most effective on a dark background.

Derwent Copper Ruler

Finished with a lovely satin feel, this solid copper 15cm ruler is the perfect companion for your drawing supplies. Being made from solid copper makes this ruler fully recyclable (not that you will ever need to, as it should last a lifetime) and it’s also a naturally antibacterial material so will stay hygienic by slowing down the growth of germs. It’s also corrosion resistant and very strong, so it won’t shatter or break when dropped.

Faber Castell Metallic Marker

These metallic markers are a great addition to the Faber-Castell range. They are suitable for a wide variety of surfaces such as bright, dark and coloured paper, as well as smooth plastics – that include plastic transparencies, porcelain, glass and metal. They are smudge and splash proof which ensures your work stays neat and tidy during the creative process. There is also no need to pump or shake to use these pens, they’re ready to use as soon as you remove the lid. Use these in combination with your metallic pencils to create some stunning metallic effects.

Clairefontaine PaintOn Black Pad

Clairefontaine PaintOn Black paper is a naturally coloured heavyweight paper made from raw materials from sustainably managed forests. It is ideal for a wide variety of techniques and mediums such as gouache and acrylic painting, as well as markers, ink, pastels, pencil, dry media and collage. This paper also features two different textured sides, a textured side and a smooth side to add different stylised effects to your artwork. Use this diverse paper along with the metallic supplies included in this box to give a dark and striking contrast to your creations!

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