Feb '19 ScrawlrBox

Taking inspiration from Tsarina Rina's delicate blends of colour, you can create a splendid array of exotic plumage this month.  The box contains Karin BrushmarkersPRO in four different colours, Caran D’ache Fibralo Fibre Pens, a Spectrum Noir Aquatint, an Artline Drawing System Pen, a Caran D’ache Edelweiss Pencil, a Helix Pencil Cap Eraser and Botanical Ultra Smooth paper.  Test out the different blends and washes you can create with these supplies.


What Was in the Box?

Karin BrushmarkerPRO

The BrushmarkerPRO use their “liquid ink” technology to maintain the intensity and control of colour until the last drop. They are equipped with a super durable and flexible Japanese nylon tip and contain non-toxic paints with an intense dye based colour. The colours can be mixed directly by contacting the ends of the markers, by using the blender pen or wash out with water to create tonal transitions. Test how far a small amount colour can stretch when you add water.

Caran D’ache Fibralo Fibre Pens

The stroke of this artist quality fibre-tipped colouring pen is transformed on contact with water to create surprising effects. The water-based ink will not bleed through paper and can be washed out of most modern fabrics. The bright, transparent colours will not dry out for days with the cap left off.

Spectrum Noir Aquatint

Each AquaTint pen is filled with bright water-soluble dye-based ink, dispensed through a fine nylon brush. Colour can be applied directly, as accurately or freely as you wish, then blended out with water. You can even just dip the nib in water and use like a regular brush for a very light colour wash, great for moving and blending colours from the other pens.

Artline Drawing System Pen

A precision-manufactured drawing pen with a low-friction nib held in a steel frame. It has a ribbed grip zone for comfortable, accurate control to deliver the high quality water-resistant pigment ink, perfect for watercolours. The closely fitting airtight cap, also boasts a strong metal pocket clip.

Caran D’ache Edelweiss Pencil

A simple HB pencil with premium Swiss manufacturing. Intended for artistic and technical drawing, these graphite pencils have with superior quality leads and FSC® certified cedar wood barrels.

Helix Pencil Cap Eraser

These hi-polymer erasers slide easily onto the end of pencils without erasers, or even ones with worn-out erasers. They are made from a high-quality polymer material that leaves behind minimal eraser dust. The erasers are PVC and latex free.

Botanical Ultra Smooth 300gsm

Botanical Ultra Smooth is 300gsm, mould made from 50% cotton. The absence of acid guarantees excellent permanence and resistance to ageing. It contains optical brighteners to give a bright white colour and is ideal for botanical watercolour painting as well as charcoal, pastels and graphite. ScrawlrTip: One side will be smoother than the other, so choose wisely.

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