Mar '19 ScrawlrBox

Magic, myth and fantasy are the focuses of this month.  The Staedtler Super Soft Coloured Pencil pack can be used to explore the mystical hues of our featured artist Emilie Jarrige.  The box also comes with Derwent Blender & Burnisher Pencils, a Mobius + Ruppert Double Hole Sharpener, a Koh-I-Noor 8750 Progresso Woodless Pencil, a Black Pilot V Ball 0.7, a YPO Jumbo Graphite Pencil and a West Design Sketch Book.  Experiment with the broad colour spectrum and create your very own enchantress.


What Was in the Box?

Staedtler Super Soft Coloured Pencils

Staedtler have long been creating high quality pencils and have recently expanded their offering with a new art range. These classic hexagonal shape colour pencils are manufactured from certified wood from sustainably managed forests. The super soft colour leads give particularly high coverage and the amazingly bright colours work effectively on both white and black paper.

Derwent Blender & Burnisher Pencils

The Blender pencil is a soft colourless pencil that allows you to blend two or more colours together. It mixes and smooths colours, so individual strokes and hard edges are softened. The Burnisher is a hard colourless pencil which when used over layers of pigment provides a rich polished finish.

Mobius + Ruppert Double Hole Sharpener

This wedge shaped magnesium pencil sharpener has one hole for graphite pencils (8mm diameter) and one for coloured pencils (11mm diameter). A premium artist’s quality sharpener with replaceable M+R quality blades, made in Germany, from specially hardened steel.

Koh-I-Noor 8750 Progresso Woodless Pencil

These lacquer coated pencils don’t have a traditional wooden casing, giving you a pure stick of colour that can be used in many different ways. It has five times more coverage potential than a normal coloured pencil and can be sharpened in any standard sharpener. The solid lead gives each pencil added heft, with each pencil weighing in at 12g.

Pilot V Ball 0.7 Black

Not many pens can draw with the same ease as the Pilot VBall. The tough cone shaped tip is resilient enough to take whatever life throws at you. The liquid ink gives a pure dense colour, and the ink regulator system ensures that the flow is consistent to the last drop. The 0.7mm tip gives a 0.4mm medium line perfect for outlining your sketches and adding detail, before filling with colour.

YPO Jumbo Graphite Pencil

This thick barrelled graphite pencil has an ergonomic triangular design. The shape encourages correct grip for fatigue-free effortless drawing. Not a standard pencil by any means but maybe the size and shape will give you more control over your sketches.

West Design Sketch Book

An A5 stapled sketchbook with a pearlescent purple cover, containing 40, 140gsm pages. The perfect place to create your very own colouring book.

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