Mar '20 ScrawlrBox

'Come with me and you'll be, in a world of pure imagination'... Get creative with this month's box, to make something wild, fantastical and exotic, that can only be seen inside the deepest depth of your own imagination.  This box contains 3 Spectrum Noir Tri-Blend markers, a Molotow Blackliner 0.4, a Lyra Rembrandt Art Design Pencil, a Faber Castell dust-free eraser and a Clairefontaine Goldline A5 layout pad.


What was in the box?

Spectrum Noir Tri Blend Markers

The Spectrum Noir Tri-blend markers have a unique 3-in-1 design and blending system. These alcohol markers are equipped with 3 different colour shades, that can be seamlessly blended for the perfect gradient finish. The pen has 3 separate ink chambers, each with a different colour which can be transferred through a fine, bullet nib which helps produce the controlled blend. The three colours inside each section have been carefully developed to produce an effortless gradation which will deliver the same result every time, with no trial and error or guesswork. These markers use high quality alcohol based ink, that is designed to give a flawlessly smooth and seamless coverage for all of your artistic creations.

Molotow Blackliner 0.4

This Molotow Blackliner's precise nib guarantees fine and exact line work in your art. It's an easy to use pen that is ideal for sketching, outlining and detailing and it is a great addition to your fine-liner collection. Blackliner uses a water-based archival ink that is resistant to water and chemicals, so it is an ideal pen to use with multi-media projects. This pen also features a new 'cap off' function that protects the pen from drying out for up to 180 minutes.

Lyra Rembrandt Art Design Pencil

The Lyra Rembrant Art Design pencils are encased in pure cedar wood with an ultra-fine, extra-resistant graphite lead, which makes them extremely durable to excessive use. This premium pencil is the ideal instrument for all of your drawing, sketching and designing needs and its high-durability makes it perfect for the constant demands of any artist.

Faber Castell Dust Free Eraser

This Faber Castell eraser is the perfect tool for removing any lead, charcoal or colour pencil markings. The eraser is designed to create minimal eraser shavings and the shavings it does create stick together for easy disposal, leaving you to concentrate on your art work without worrying about making multiple trips to the dustbin.

Clairefontaine Goldline A5 Layout Pad

This high quality Goldine Layout Pad has 20 sheets of smooth surface textured paper to enable you to produce your best work. The 70gsm white paper eliminates spread, stops ink bleed and allows the ink to dry quickly to avoid smudges and smears helping keep your work in pristine condition.

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