• ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box
  • ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box
  • ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box

Mar '21 ScrawlrBox

Art always starts with a line; curved, straight, broad, delicate, light or dark... every line has a purpose and a meaning. With this box you can discover your inner potential with an array of supplies that are perfect for exploring the artistry of line-work, including 3 Faber Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pens, a Uni PIN Brush Pen, a Uni-ball Signo Gelstick Pen, a Uni PIN 1.0 Line Drawing Pen, a Derwent Graphic 2B Pencil and a custom ScrawlrBox pad of uncoated drawing paper.

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What was in the box?

Faber Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pen

Faber-Castell has brought together all of the advantages of drawing in Indian ink in a modern and uncomplicated pen - the Pitt artist brush. The high-quality brush point works both straight and bent without breaking. While the light colours are transparent and, thus, well-suited to varnishing techniques, the dark colours have good covering qualities. Pitt artist pens have unsurpassed light-fastness and the individual colours are marked with an asterisk-based code.

Uni PIN Brush Pen

This premium-quality brush pen features a fade-proof and water resistant pigment ink. It has a firm brush tip that will adapt to your pressure, angle and speed during use. This firmness gives you excellent control and enables expressive brush pen painting techniques, perfect light strokes, accents and controlled shading.

Uni-ball Signo Gelstick UM-170 Pen

This Uniball Signo Gelstick pen is excellent for any artist needing an instrument for smooth and easy line work. It's fitted with a 0.7mm stainless steel nib great for those finer details and includes a unique twin ball mechanism that prevents any unwanted ink leakages. It features a specially shaped comfort grip making it a great drawing tool for everyday use.

Uni PIN 1.0 Line Drawing Pen

This Uni PIN drawing pen is ideal for all types of art and design, including sketching, line art and technical drawing. It contains a waterproof and fade-proof pigment ink and a metal surround protects the nib making this pen exceptionally durable. The perfect fineliner for all your line making needs.

Derwent Graphic 2B Pencil

A good pencil drawing is highly dependant on the quality of your pencil... The Derwent Graphic pencil contains the finest graphite, which creates smooth and effortless lines. It features an attractive glossy black barrel with an innovative orange angled stripe and is a popular choice among all creators, widely used by designers, artists and illustrators worldwide.

Scrawlr Uncoated Drawing Paper 250gsm

This custom sketch pad contains 12 quality sheets of uncoated drawing paper, so there is plenty for all of your testing, sketches and final artworks. This lightly textured and absorbent paper pairs perfectly with graphite pencils and ink-based pens, making it a fine surface for all of your creative designs.

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