May '19 ScrawlrBox

This box is focused on the style of the talented illustrator and street artist Si Mitchell.  It contains a set of Pilot Pintor Markers, a Molotow Liquid Chrome pen, a Milan Graphite Pencil, a Milan 430 Eraser and Canaletto Liscio paper. These items can be used to explore the boldly coloured and illustrative style of street art.


What Was in the Bx?

Pilot Pintor Marker

The Pintor (‘painter’ in Spanish) is the perfect addition to any creative toolbox. It’s a water-based paint marker which is suitable for use on all surfaces. The surface properties influence whether it is permanent or non-permanent. On porous surfaces like wood, paper or cardboard it is permanent. Whilst it is removable on non-porous surfaces such as plastic, glass and metal by wiping with a damp cloth and washing-up liquid. It’s important to prime the markers before use. Remove the packaging by twisting the cap, then shake about 20 times. Prime the tip by pressing down several times onto a scrap of paper until the ink appears. The tip material is very strong and durable and the paint is quick drying.

Molotow Liquid Chrome

This Liquid Chrome Marker from Molotow features a medium 2mm tip. This exciting alcohol-based marker allows you to create high-gloss mirrored effects. It will write on almost any surface, and is highly pigmented for great opacity. Permanent, scratch and abrasion proof, this unique tool will allow you to add metallic accents to your artwork. This is not just another silver marker, the ink in this pen has a true chrome finish that we know you will love.

Milan Graphite Pencil

This high quality graphite pencil has and ergonomic triangular barrel. We have chosen the hard H lead, making it suitable for drawing fine, technical lines. The lead creates a uniform stroke and is resistant to breakage due to its LPS (Lead Protection System) which strengthens the lead by sticking it to the wood, which is sourced from sustainable forests. This is a great pencil for lightly sketching out your work before adding line and colour work.

Milan 430 Eraser

A great combination of design and functionality, these Milan erasers have a unique vintage style. This soft synthetic rubber square eraser can be used to erase a wide range of graphite pencil strokes from all types of paper. Unlike natural rubber, this synthetic rubber eraser won’t dry out.

Canaletto Liscio 125gsm Paper

Canaletto Papers encompass Italian papermaking art with a touch of cotton, creating strength and beauty, durability and class. Paper sheets produced with 20% cotton and 80% ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) wood-free primary pulp responsibly sourced.

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