Oct '20 ScrawlrBox

Try your hand at lettering with this month's supplies. This box contains 12 Manuscript Calli Creative Flexi Markers, a Kuretake Fude Twin Tip Marker, a Centropen Liner, a Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth pencil and a custom ScrawlrPad with 20 sheets of 140gsm Cartridge Paper. Get inspired by the featured artist Ayman Hazzouri and discover the beauty and elegance of calligraphic art.


What was in the box?

Manuscript Calli Creative Flexi Markers

Make your mark with these Manuscript Callicreative Flexi Markers. These italic markers are the ideal instrument for modern hand lettering, creative calligraphy and much more. These pens feature a versatile, flexible tip that offers a brush like stroke as well as an italic, chisel-cut nib, perfect for creating a unique and fluid look to your calligraphy, graffiti style lettering and artwork. They combine traditional calligraphy with the accessibility and usability of a modern marker, a perfect combination for all your calligraphy and artistic needs. All of these pens contain a non-toxic water-based ink that brings vibrant and opaque colour to your artistic creations.

Kuretake Fude Twin Tip Marker

Kuretake Co. Ltd, has been manufacturing in Japan since 1902 and offer a hugely diverse range of creative pens and markers. This twin tipped marker features a highly pigmented black and grey ink with flexible brush nibs to make illustrating, sketching, designing and calligraphy effortless and enjoyable. This pen has been designed by Kuretake with the writing of Japanese calligraphy characters, or Kanji, in mind. The flexible tips allow for incredibly thin writing and drawing when used with a delicate touch, or bold, darker lines when used with greater pressure or at a steeper angle. These markers are designed to make creating the delicate sweeps and curves of calligraphy easier to master.

Centropen Liner 2811 F

This Centropen black liner is a wonderful new addition to your fine-liner collection. It features an attractive white barrel and a rounded cap design that makes it unique among liner pens. It is light-weight and easy to use with a delicate soft touch nib, making it ideal for precision and accuracy in your art.

Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth 1860 Pencil

This Koh-I-Noor B grade pencil contains more graphite, and will make a bolder, darker line. It is a strong and durable, lightfast graphite pencil with a high opacity. The high-quality break resistant lead will aid you in all of your sketching, drawing and creative needs.

ScrawlrPad 140gsm Cartridge Paper

This exclusive ScrawlrPad contains 20 long thin sheets of high-quality cartridge paper. This cartridge paper is perfect for almost every medium and provides a lovely thick and heavy backing to your artistic masterpieces. Its unusual shape will also provide a different perspective to your creations and hopefully help inspire you to create something a little different.

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