Sep '20 ScrawlrBox

What wild, wacky and whimsical character creations can your mind come up with? Join our featured artist SP:Zero and create a never seen before character, constructed purely from your imagination.  This box includes 3 Uni POSCA 5m pens in lavender, coral pink and aqua green, 2 uni POSCA 3m pens in black and white, a Faber Castell Ecco pigment liner, a Staedtler Mars Lumograph Black 2B pencil and a Gecko freestyle pad containing 10 sheets of paper.


What was in the box?

Uni POSCA Pens 5M

These POSCA Pens are the perfect tools for all of your marker needs.  The medium tip of the PC-5M is one of the most adaptable in the POSCA range.  It provides clear, precise line work and beautifully vibrant colour, making it extremely popular among artists and designers. They have a water-based pigment ink that is lightfast, water-resistant and dries permanent on absorbent media such as paper or card.  Of course, POSCA works on almost any surface, so you can also try them on woods, metals, glass, plastic, textiles and   more. These versatile paint markers provide highly-opaque, matt colour that can be layered, watered-down and used for almost any multimedia project that you can think of. #61-1

Uni POSCA Pens 3M

These Uni POSCA PC-3M water-based pigment ink markers are ideal for precision and accuracy in your artwork.  As featured in the POSCA pen range, these pens will write on virtually any surface whilst ensuring there is no bleed through on paper. POSCA pens are completely opaque so light colours can easily be layered on top of dark colours, making this white pen perfect for both highlighting and also correcting any mistakes. The precision bullet shaped nib gives the user amazing line control, allowing for intricate and detailed drawing, outlining, hatching and colouring.  #61-2

Faber Castell Ecco Pigment Liner 0.6

This popular and reliable Ecco Pigment fibre tip pen from Faber-Castell is suitable for writing, drawing and sketching. Thanks to its special pigmented ink it is also ideal for use on drawing paper and transparent paper. The pigmented ink is waterproof and lightfast and the pen features an ergonomic grip zone, making for comfortable use.  #61-3

Staedtler Mars Lumograph Black 100B 2B

This pencil is made for artists and designers.  It has a high percentage of carbon in the lead so this pencil delivers deep rich blacks. With a matt finish, this pencil is great for sketching, expressive marks and hatching. It also has a super-bonded lead which lends to a more break-resistant pencil.  #61-4

Gecko Freestyle Pad A5 10 sheets

This Gecko Freestyle sketchbook (made especially for this box) contains unique hybrid paper combining bleedproof marker paper and bristol board - the perfect blend for marker pens and endorsed by POSCA for use with POSCA paint markers.  #61-5

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