• ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box
  • ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box

Scrawlr Gift Card

Give the gift of mystery art supplies with the Scrawlr Gift Card. Pick the amount to be gifted and click 'Buy Gift' to enter the recipients details (remember to include enough for shipping if buying for someone outside the UK).

Gift Cards should be purchased individually per recipient as they are sent digitally. If you want to purchase anything else make sure its in a separate transaction or it maybe missed. 

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Customer Reviews

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Ellie Uggla
Gift card

The perfect gift!

Will Johnson
Poor communication. Bought and registered

Poor communication.
Bought and registered in time for the June Scrwalbox issue - but not sent out.
Took two complaints to get the June box.
Her birthday was in June - a July box was not good enough!

Z M.
Helped me give the perfect gift!

I have a friend on the other side of the world and unfortunately I'm unable to get gifts to them. But thanks to scrawlrbox gift card I was able to give the perfect gift of art supplies for their birthday. Thank you scrawlrbox for literally giving us a way to treat friends and family no matter how far away they are!

Nicole Inglis
Things change.

I purchase these gift cards for my Twitch community. However, Sometimes the link glitches out, or error appears doesn't look very good on my end sometimes. It still needs works and so does the shipping cost. These boxes used to be afforable, and desent vaule but now I feel like this company is starting to just care about the $$$. It's pretty sad that most people wait until the company has a sale on your boxes just to purchase one now.

For example My friend got a gift card from me which was 25 ponds now I'm from Canada so you can image the exchange rate I pay nearlly almost $50.00 for your cards. Sometimes the links work or often we have problems in checkout. Yes, we do switch browsers to sometimes solve this promble but other times we cannot check out or there's an error and we keep trying to purchase a box. It's just stressful now. The boxes are starting to go down hill, I feel like not many ' smaller artist are getting a chance for a spot light to help them grow.

Personally, I think this is a great ideal however we purchased a box that was on sale which was 5 pound and 10, pound the deilvery was 8. With 2-3 ponds wasted you cannot use the spear change you have because you don't have an account balance " which gives you the opiton to keep that 2-3 ponds that was a remainder to purchase more boxes. I mean hell they can even exchange the 2-3 pounds in points. My "point being is that" we pay for these boxes but when we use a code that has a couple of dollars left over we cannot use them they just disapear, which it's personally feels like I'm getting ripped off. They have a lot of improvements needing to be done. Hoping this review helps, if you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Anete Steinerte
Best gift for my sis

This was one of gifts to my sister for Christmas. I think it was the best decission. She loves bullet journaling, creativity and she loves Scrawlr. i think she has all of last years boxes. She is a true fan. I think I will try it out too.


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