How it works?

If you’re not familiar with subscription boxes then you might be wondering how this all works. It’s fairly simple….
So you want to become a Scrawlr?
Just subscribe and create your account. You will then be charged for your first box (£15) and that box and its creative contents will then be carefully put together and sent out in the next batch of boxes. Once you receive the box of goodies rip it open and get creative with it contents. Try out the challenge, scribble on the box itself or take some inspiration from the featured artist. If you like what you receive then you don’t have to do anything. When renewal rolls around your subscription will be renewed and a the next box containing new selection of art supplies will be shipped.. If you decide you no longer want to use the service you can cancel your subscription at any time (no contracts, no fees) and you will no longer be sent the box.
Sign up to receive your first box of art supplies.
Your creative tools are selected, packed and posted.
Your box arrives!!! Open it up and get creative.

Not Subscribed Yet?

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