October 31, 2015

ScrawlrBox #2 – October 2015

image by: anneblondiebengard

Featured Artist: Anne Bengard

Berlin based artist Anne Bengard explores the relationship between people, expression and imagination within her work. With an open minded, free and playful approach, she aims to encourage the viewer to adopt an unrestricted attitude and question their preconceptions.

The use of juxtapositions and undertones of humour and eroticism within her subject matter often lead to provocative yet sensuous images. Her inspiration comes mainly from pop culture, the people around her and childhood nostalgia. Her distinctive style is heavily inspired by Japanese manga and pop culture, classic and contemporary portraiture, pop surrealism, super realism, and above all a love for optimistic pastel hues and pushing the boundaries and possibilities of watercolour.

Anne was born in Leipzig, Germany and moved to England at the age of 9 resulting in a dual upbringing between England and Germany. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London in 2010 with a BA (hons) Performance design and practice, she has also worked in the fields of set, prop and venue styling and design for corporate events, night clubs and fashion shoots. These multidisciplinary collaborations with other creative practitioners further develop her personal work and ideas. She now divides her time between Berlin and London, frequently travels to Asia, particularly Japan and Thailand and enjoys dying her hair many shades of blue.

She also thinks that writing in the third person in really amusing… | Instagram: @anneblondiebengard | Facebook: anneblondiebengard

Challenge: Butterfly



What was in the box?


Windsor & Newton Watercolour Marker –

The latest innovation in watercolours. Everything you want from a watercolour, with the crisp lines of a marker. Use it as a marker to lay down colour, then blend with water to create soft and vibrant washes. Scrawlr Tip: Try dipping the nibs directly into water.

Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolour Pencil –

Use them dry as you would any normal colour pencil, or add water to create all the effects you’d expect from watercolours but in a convenient pencil form. Their thick, completely water-soluble leads contain superior pigments that are extremely lightfast..

Windsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour –

A more traditional watercolour paint and something you might be familiar with when using watercolours. Created from high quality pigments and more affordable alternatives, they have good transparency, excellent tinting strength and working properties.

ZIG Watercolour System Brush20 –

No need to re-dip your watercolour brush or risk spilling a pot of dirty water over your work. Just fill the barrel with water and away you go! The system uses a retractable valve giving you complete control of how much water is released by gently squeezing the barrel.

Copic Multiliner –

Want to add some outlines or fine detail to your work? Then the Multiliner is the perfect tol for the job. Created to withstand inking with colour Copic markers the ink is waterproof, bleed proof, acid-free and of archival quality. So no fading if scanning or copying.