August 31, 2016

ScrawlrBox #12 – August 2016

image by:art.melody

Featured Artist: Laura Tattersfield (aka Starsqueak)

I’m an self-taught illustrator, animator, cosplayer and Disnerd based in West Yorkshire ,UK. I’ve always been interested in art, it’s just been something I’ve really enjoyed and stuck with since I was young. My style has changed so much over the past ten years but I think I’m finally at a point I’m comfortable with. A little bit of western cartoons and comics, a dash of manga inspiration, lots of colour, sprinkle some stars and add whole lot of frills. I’ve always had a huge interest in Japan, its kawaii culture and street fashions, especially the style of Lolita. The dresses, frills, lace and all the accessories, each dress is a piece of art in itself. I adore drawing designs inspired by it! Western animated films and TV shows are also a huge inspiration. I like to use traditional art mediums, mainly markers and inks. I have also been drawing a lot with coloured fineliners recently and hope you enjoy experimenting with the supplies we have put together for you.

Facebook: Starsqueak | Instagram: @iggie39 | Twitter: iggie39echo

Challenge: Sweet Sundae



What was in the box?


Zig Clean Colour Brush Pen –

Unlike many ‘brush’ pens the Zig Clean Color Real Brush has an actual bristle tip which allows you to create very fine or thick lines depending on the amount of pressure used. They are available in a large range of colours, including a wide selection of greys. The water-based dye ink is odourless and xylene-free.

Uni Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil 0.5 –

A revolutionary mechanical pencil in which the lead rotates as you draw to keep the tip sharp, giving you a sharp clean point for each new line created. Underneath the push button there is also a handy eraser, which is easily replaced when it runs out, just like the leads.

Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip Pastel Pen (White) –

This rollerball pen has a sculpted rubber finger grip which provides optimum comfort and control. It has a 0.8mm tip that draws a line about 0.4mm wide. The white pastel colour may not be as opaque as some other gel pens, but this allows you to build up layers of varying intensity and give great depth to your work.

Zig Mangaka Drawing Pen (Violet)-

The Mangaka Drawing Pen is a fineline marker with smooth flowing ink, designed for manga and cartoon work but suitable for all other drawing styles too. The water-based pigment ink is smudge-proof with watercolours and alcohol-based markers once dry.

180gsm White Acid Free Paper-

As always we like to give you some paper to try out your new supplies and this 180 gsm smooth acid free paper should take the colours of the markers nicely and allow you to build up layers without bleeding through.