December 5, 2016

ScrawlrBox #15 – November 2016

image by: jaanamm_

Featured Artist: Emma (Black Chalk Collective)

Emma is the founder and creative director of Black Chalk Collective. Better known on social media as @blackchalkco. She has proven that you don’t need amazing handwriting or years of design experience to create beautiful hand lettering. Emma is an executive assistant to a managing director by day, and self-described pen wizard by night. Teaching everything she knows about brush pen lettering on Instagram, her blog and face-to-face workshops.

With less than a year of hand lettering experience behind her, Emma has amassed over 55k followers and has sold out workshops all over Australia, teaching more than 150 people in the last 6 months alone. She uses hand lettering as a way to relax from the daily grind, convey her sense of humour, and to encourage and inspire others to push themselves creatively.

YouTube: BlackChalkCo | Instagram: @blackchalkco | Facebook: BlackChalkCo

Challenge: Brush

Handwriting isn’t just about homework or shopping lists. The written word can also be a form of art. Using the supplies in this box and some useful guidance from our featured artist, we hope to inspire you to evolve your handwriting into something magical.



What was in the box?


Artline Stix Brush Pen –

A soft brush tip water based pen that has gained a lot of respect recently with the hand lettering community, so we thought we would check it out. Not only can this pen make thick or thin brush strokes and create a gradient/ombré effect. They can also be clipped together using the special connectors on the barrel, so no need for a pencil case. Clip and go.

Artline Stix Colouring Marker –

Another pen from the Stix range that can be clipped to the brush version using those special connectors. This version has a sturdier bullet nib for a more consistent line width. Try using this grey marker to add depth to your hand lettering with a drop shadow.

Ecoline Brush Pen –

These brush pens contain the very special and super vibrant watercolour inks from Ecoline. The brush nib is an amazing tool for small delicate work and large broad strokes. Although no water is needed, you can add it if you want to create washes of the pigment.

Edding 1200 Metallic Colourpen –

Add a little extra shimmer and shine to your work with these fibre tipped metallic pens from Edding. The bullet nib, although not as flexible as the brush nibs, does give a gentle line variance for a subtle lettering effect. They work great on dark paper too.

Crayola Broad Tip Marker –

You might remember these from your childhood, but they are not just great for youngsters to get into art, hand lettering artists are finding the broad durable nibs are perfect to write with too. The tip of the nib creates thin controlled lines, while if you tilt it slightly the edge of the nib provides a broad stroke.