May 17, 2017

ScrawlrBox #20 – April 2017

image by: abbieinspired

Featured Artist: Stina Jones

Stina Jones is an illustrator and graphic designer from Manchester, UK, creating fun character artworks for a range of applications – from small scale prints and digital graphics, through to large scale murals and installations.

Stina’s sketchbooks are filled with strange characters conjured from the make-believe worlds of her imagination, in a style that uses a combination of bold minimalist line work and greyscale fills with the odd splash of colour.

Instagram: @stina_jones   Facebook: SJ.Illustration   Twitter: @stina_jones

Challenge: Stranger Worlds

Explore your creative conscious and use the inspirations provided to create your very own strange creature and test these graphic markers.


What was in the box?


Stylefile Brush Marker –

This versatile alcohol based marker is equipped with both chisel and brush nibs, making it the perfect marker for colouring large areas as well as those more detailed spots, thanks to the line variation produced by the flexible brush-like rubber tip!

Zig Cartoonist Mangaka 05 –

Ultra-fine detail markers with smooth flowing black ink that’s perfect for outlining your drawings. The water-based pigment ink is also smudge-proof with watercolours and alcohol-based markers once dry.

Mangaka Flexible Marker Pen – Fine –

Using the same smudge-proof black ink this marker has a flexible fine point tip that produces thin and thick lines, making it an essential tool for any artist.

Stabilo All Surface Pencil –

An all-purpose marking chinagraph pencil that works on almost any surface. The high-quality pigment creates strong saturated marks perfect for adding those important highlights to bring your work to life.

Cretacolor Monolith –

A solid cylinder of graphite wrapped in the thinnest lacquer coating. Thrilling artists with its ability to create broad and fine strokes in a single stroke.

Canson Bristol Paper 250gsm –

This paper has an extra smooth, strong, clean white, acid-free surface perfect for using with markers.