November 29, 2017

ScrawlrBox #26 – October 2017

image by: sandrinesgallery

Featured Artist: Jodie Beckly

Jodie is an Australian artist, graphic and textile designer, working full time in the fashion industry. She enjoys experimenting with different materials, but mostly focuses on watercolours and fineline pens. She loves the unpredictable nature of watercolours versus the precision of pens and the juxtaposed effect when using the two together. Jodie finds drawing mandalas to be quite a therapeutic and relaxing pastime. She hasn’t found a favourite style yet, and probably never will: there is just too much to explore and experiment with to settle on one!

This artwork represents my inner yin yang. One side is my graphic design brain; planned, attention to detail and aesthetics. The other; spontaneity, freedom and creativity. One does not exist without the other.

Instagram: @copperdesigns     Website:

Challenge: Equilibrium

Take inspiration from this months artist and explore how two opposites might actually be complementary. Find your Yin and Yang, the brightly coloured against the monotone, and use this as your starting point to create a balanced artwork with the supplies listed below.



What was in the box?


Derwent Graphik Line Painter –

Derwent have created a fine line paint pen that gives an immense depth of colour, even on dark backgrounds. Create layers, dribbles and washes with the opaque waterbased ink. These pens have a robust 0.5 nib that delivers a fluid paint line and the brightly coloured inks are permanent once dry.

Artline Ergoline 3400

The Artline Ergoline 3400 fine pen is a fineliner pen with 0.4mm Polyacetal resin tip. It has an ergonomically designed grip for greater comfort & smooth fatigue free drawing. The pens water based ink is instant drying and smudge proof.

Zig Kuretake Writer Twin -Tip –

This marker pen has 0.5 and 1.2mm tips designed for lettering. The acid-free pigment ink is waterproof and permanent when dry. Even though it’s called ‘Writer’ we’ve found it to be great for drawing too. The different nibs lend themselves perfectly to detailed drawing with the fine tip, and much broader block filling with the other.


Staedtler Woodless Graphite Pencil –

Solid extruded graphite pencil with a thin layer of lacquer to facilitate handling. Sharpen like a normal woodcase pencil for detail work, or use the edges or blunt points for shading or broad, expressive work.


Hahnemuhle Sketch & Note A6 Sketchbook –

With its hard wearing stitched binding, the 40-page A6 pocket pad makes the ideal travel companion. The full-grain natural-white 125gsm paper is perfectly suited for drawings with pens of any kind.