April 5, 2018

ScrawlrBox #30 – February 2018


Featured Artist: Carla Co Chua

Carla Co Chua is a graduate of Information Communications Technology Management from De Lasalle University-Manila. She works as a full-time project manager for an IT company. Outside of IT work, Carla is a watercolor painter and art teacher. Her paintings revolve mostly on flora, fauna and female subjects in a joyful abundance of color. Carla is passionate about how art is a form of therapy and hopes her works inspire others to take up a brush and paint. She also conducts watercolor workshops and art demo for brands like Faber-Castell. She likes quiet mornings, coffee and playing with her cat.

Website:   Instagram: @carlacochua    YouTube: CarlaChuaArt     Facebook: CarlaChuaArt


This month we are welcoming spring with a bright and vibrant box of art supplies and inspiration. Experiment with this set of pencils and explore how adding water effects the pigment. Use varying washes and pencil strokes to explore different mark making techniques to create your artwork.


What was in the box?


Faber Castell Goldfaber Aqua Pencils (12) –

The Goldfaber Aqua pencils excel with their soft, intense colour laydown and outstanding colour brilliance using either dry or wet techniques. The fully watersoluble pencils have great pigmentation and when combined with a wet brush can create amazing watercolour effects.


Faber Castell Water Brush

The waterbrush impresses with ideal proportions and easy handling. The integrated grooves and wedge design on the cap can be used for scratch and scraping techniques. The high-quality synthetic hairs are soft and pliable and hold lots of paint. The tip will remain dimensionally stable even after intensive use.


Staedtler Mars Lumograph Pencil –

A quality pencil that is remarkably break-resistant and easy to sharpen cleanly due to its specially formulated super-bonded leads. The soft graphite of the Mars Lumograph pencils draw and erase easily.


Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser –

A quality eraser that leaves no discolouration of itself on the paper. It has a sliding sleeve for convenient handling and is Phthalate and latex free. Good performance with minimal wear and crumbling.

Staedtler Metal Single Hole Sharpener –

Sharpens standard-sized pencils up to 8.2 mm Ø with a sharpening angle of 23° for clear and accurate lines.