May 7, 2018

ScrawlrBox #31 – March 2018


Featured Artist: Anna Karoline Bjørdal

I’m Anna, a freelance artist and co-owner of the charming, little illustration shop Myte Illustrations in Bergen, Norway. I’m a dog mother, a proud Ravenclaw and a huge nerd about everything that has to do with space, dinosaurs and folklore. I try to experiment with different mediums (Thank you, ScrawlrBox!), but my go-to supplies are watercolour and ink. I’ve recently started a YouTube channel where I do speed paints, art supply reviews and tips and tricks for artists.

Store Envy: AKB Illustrations   Instagram: @AKB_Illustrations    YouTube: AKB Illustrations


This months box has taken inspiration from the mysterious and magical. The selection of supplies included might not all be as they first appear. Strange shapes, magical patterns and mysterious inks. Combine these supplies in your cauldron of creativity and produce a potion of pure art.


What was in the box?


Pentel Hybrid Dual Metallic Gel Pens –

This mysterious metallic gel pen is truly unique and produces different effects when drawing on light or dark paper. It’s 1.0mm metal writing tip delivers super smooth lines and the hybrid gel ink, cleverly creates two shimmering metallic colour tones when viewed at different angles or on darker paper.


Kuretake Wink of Luna Brush, Met. Green

Not to be confused with an item of makeup, the strange barrel design of this pen contains a real brush nib and a stunning metallic green ink. The soft nylon brush tip lays down various widths of opaque water-based, archival quality pigment ink. The metallic colour looks great on both light and dark papers! #ScrawlrTip: Don’t forget to remove the safety ring on the barrel before use.


Koh-I-Noor Magic Pencil –

A magical multicoloured lead pencil that draws in multiple colours at once! The lead inside is made from strips of different colours, running all the way through the lead. This means each pencil is individual and the colour combinations vary from lead to lead, and change as you turn the pencil.


Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint –

Pilot V5 are the original needle-point rollerball pen. The unique Hi-Tecpoint nib delivers a precise line of pure liquid ink, giving you a bright, dense colour, and the ink flow controller system keeps the flow consistent to the last drop. Plus, you’ll never be caught out with an empty pen again, thanks to the ink viewer window in the barrel.