July 30, 2018

ScrawlrBox #34 – June 2018

Featured Artist: Loch Ness

Loch Ness is a Freelance Illustrator / Street Artist from Bristol, UK, specialising in psychedelic surreal imagery. His artwork playfully disorientates you to a place that oozes a twisted harmony and Zen.

A variety of mediums and techniques are used in each piece to take you on a trippy ride of feel-good absurdity. With the use of spray and acrylic paints playing the main part, he also often uses collage and handmade recycled wood cuts to add another dimension so that the viewer can fall into a dream like dimension where anything is possible and colour has no boundaries.

Some of his clients have included BBC Radio 6 Music, TATE Britain, Teenage Cancer Trust, Rip Curl, Posca Pens, BBC, Red Bull & Grolsh to name a few. Loch Ness has also exhibited in galleries around the world, from London to New York.

Website:       Instagram: @lochnessart     Twitter: @lochnessart

Challenge: Twisted Reality

This month we want you to explore alternate realities. Use the supplies included to create a twisted version of something. You could use the glue and tracing paper to layer one reality over the other, or create a psychedelic background inspired by this months featured artist and then add line work to the tracing paper on top. However you approach it, explore your twisted imagination and create something new today.



What was in the box?


Chameleon Color Tone Pencils –

Specially designed double-ended colour pencils you flip to blend! These unique artist quality pencils make it easy to blend colour and eliminate the hassle of sifting through dozens of pencils to find the right shade, as the right shade is already on the other end and all you have to do is flip to blend!


Zig Writer for Vellum

Designed for vellum, but great on most papers, the ink in the dual tips dries quickly, won’t bleed or wrinkle the paper. The waterproof, archival-quality ink is a water-based, lightfast and odourless. This will work perfectly with the tracing paper included in this box.


Zig 2 Way Glue (Fine Tip) –

A glue pen that makes it easy to apply adhesive exactly where you want it. The glue is blue when wet but turns clear when dry. Wet glue will give a permanent bond. Dry glue will create a temporary bond.


Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencil 5057 –

A double-ended pencil with an eraser core! It can be sharpened with a normal sharpener and is ideal for pin-point erasing. The pink tip is for perfect for graphite and colour pencils, while the white tip is suitable for removing inks.


 Carolina Ghelfi Pencil Paper Pack

Each pack contains 10 sheets of 220gsm professional quality colour pencil paper (5 rough sheets + 5 smooth sheets). Made in Italy especially for ScrawlrBox.