October 7, 2018

ScrawlrBox #36 – August 2018

Featured Artist: Milkyrat

Hello! I’m Milkyrat and I’m a young artist that likes to apply pigment on paper. I usually use traditional mediums (mostly watercolour and ink) to create paintings and drawings of magical and creepy girls. My art is inspired by movies, other artists , history and my own thoughts. My relationship with art started back when I was in elementary school, but I never took it seriously until few years ago when I discovered speedpaints and YouTube artists. I tried so many mediums, but eventually I feel in love with watercolours and ink. <3 I’m also really active on Instagram, where I post my art consistently. I also stream my painting process on twitch creative and upload speedpaints to my YouTube channel .

Instagram: @milkyrat    Twitch-Patreon: /milkyrat   Etsy: /MilkyratArt   YouTube: Milkyrat


Artist Tips…

– Watercolours are a tricky medium, and that’s why patience is the key!

– Before you start painting, if you can have two water pots, one for clean water and one for “dirty water”.

– When you start painting, I recommend to apply a wet wash with a lot of water and a small amount of pigment to create beautiful and clean base.

– Once the first layer is dry, start building up your layers slowly, let every layer dry properly!

– Taping down your paper is a great way to stop the paper curling when wet.

– If you made a mistake, you can try and fix it by quickly applying water to the area and lifting it up with a paper towel or sponge.

– Remember that even with the smallest selection of watercolours you can create a lot of awesome shades and colours by mixing or diluting.


Challenge: False Prayer

This month we have supplied you with everything you need to paint wherever inspiration and creativity may find you. Try painting somewhere different and see how that affects your artwork. We hope you enjoy experimenting with us and testing out these supplies. This months artist has even shared a few tips to help you get started. Enjoy creating something new, and keep scrawling!



What was in the box?


Derwent Inktense Pan Set –

This travel paint set contains the unique Inktense formulation found in Derwent’s pencil and block ranges. But, unlike traditional watercolour, washes of the vivid paint can be applied without dissolving previously dried layers. Ideal for painting wherever inspiration hits, this set contains twelve removable and highly lightfast paint pans, a mini waterbrush, five mixing palettes and a handy sponge to help absorb water and pigments from your work.


Faber-Castell Graphite Aquarelle 2B

This water-soluble pencil is ideal for preliminary sketching using watercolour and also for complete watercolour techniques in graphite. The pigment of the break-resistant lead dissolves completely when brushed with water. Be aware of how heavy or where you make your marks as the pigment will be picked up when you start adding water and colour to your work. We suggest light initial sketching and erase anything you don’t need before you start. You can always go back and add detail with the pencil later.


Koh-I-Noor Extra Soft Kneadable Eraser –

This kneadable eraser is extra soft to help lift graphite from the page. Tear off a small corner and work it between your fingers to warm it up. Then shape it to a point you like and press to the page. It’s more of a press and lift action, than a rub. They are too soft to erase like standard erasers, but the flexibility allows you to create fine points to only remove what you need. Test it out first before you start your challenge and see what affects you can create.



Botanical Ultra Smooth Watercolour Paper –

This a 300gsm paper is made from 50% cotton and is bright white to really make the colours of your work pop. Its an non standard shape (106x210mm) with one deckled long edge, which is a rather nice feature and may help inspire a slightly different composition.