February 3, 2019

ScrawlrBox #40 – December 2018


Featured Artist: Ann Pellegrino

Hello! I’m Ann from @spotgirldesign, a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from southern New York state. Making art is so important to my mental health and well being. I make artwork to spread positivity as well as blow off steam. Making your own thing is super valuable and drawing every day has helped me in ways that I never would have anticipated. Sharing work daily online has helped me find a supportive community, share inspiration, and meet some amazing people and artists.

Instagram: @spotgirldesign    Facebook:  SpotgirlDesign   Twitter: @spotgirldesign

Challenge: Pastel Petals

This month we are challenging you to experiment with the features of the supplies included and see how erasable and permanent can work together to create different effects and textures. Sketching in erasable pen, inking over in permanent and then adding colour and texture. Use your erasing to give definition to your shading or highlights. We suggest using one of the sheets of paper included to create a sample page exploring the supplies and how they work on their own and together. What happens when you put one on top of another?

What was in the box?

Pilot Frixion Ball Medium –

The original erasable pen from Pilot allows you to easily draw, erase and draw again with the same pen. Use the special eraser tip to make the ink disappear like magic! The unique gel ink responds to the heat generated by the friction, and lets you draw over it again instantly. The 0.7mm tip gives a 0.35mm medium line great for loosely sketching out your work.

Pilot FriXion Light Soft Erasable Highlighter –

Pilot may have labelled these as highlighters but they are much more. The colours in the set are a subtle pastel shade, not as harsh as standard highlighters. Plus the Frixion erasable ink technology makes for some interesting art applications. The ink stays wetter for longer on the page so you can even create erasable gradients. Layering the translucent ink to get darker shades also works. ScrawlrTip: Use the Frixion Ball for your sketches as they don’t play well with pencil.

Sharpie Fine Permanent Marker –

The original and iconic permanent marker. The Sharpie Fine Point contains quick-drying water-resistant ink that permanently marks most surfaces. The resilient tip resists abrasion and the tough polypropylene barrel stands up to almost anything.

Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent Marker-

The Ultra-fine version of the iconic Sharpie mentioned previously. The Ultra-Fine Point contains the same quick-drying water-resistant ink and sturdy barrel as its big brother, but with it you can achieve greater level of detail using the smaller nib. ScrawlrTip: Do your line work before colouring, as this will smudge slightly when erasing if on-top of the Frixion ink.

Pentel Paint Marker Extra fine Point –

The valve-controlled tip of the extra-fine Pentel Paint Marker provides the ability to add small metallic details and highlights to your work. The aluminium barrel contains the opaque silver ink which is also permanent once dry.

Norfolk Cartridge Paper 210gsm

A classic cartridge paper suitable for most drawing techniques and the study weight means it can withstand heavy erasing. Its Acid free, woodfree, and has a white matt surface.