September 6, 2019

ScrawlrBox #47 – July 2019

Featured Artist: Katie Jobling

I am UK based artist who focuses on documenting life using paint & my paintbrush. Art can have such a tremendous effect on our emotional well-being, and I am really passionate about how art can uplift and inspire. I have a YouTube channel & blog, where I aim to give you an insight into my daily work life.

Youtube: katiejobling
Instagram: @Katiejoblingart
Twitter: @Katiejoblingart

Challenge: Abstract Floral

Sometimes trying new art supplies is daunting and mediums like oil paints are meant to be used with solvents and thinners to achieve a certain effect. We wanted to give you the chance to easily try this medium and experiment with all the benefits of painting with oil paint, without any of the hassle.



What was in the box?

Cobra Artists Water Mixable Oil Paint –

An artists’ quality, water mixable oil paint with an exceptionally high degree of pigmentation. Painting with these is the same as painting with traditional oil paint, and provides a perfect oil paint result with a uniform drying time and degree of gloss. The colour and brush stroke (or applied texture) retains its full expression and remains the same as when applied even after the paint has dried. The only difference is you don’t need all the scary and harmful solvents to use it. Use straight from the tube or dilute it to your desired consistency with a little water. Plus, the cleaning process is also much simpler as you only need soapy water to clean your hands and brushes.


Zahn Custom Flat Synthetic Universal Brush

This short handle, size 10, brush has a hair mixture of different fibre thickness for optimized elasticity and paint holding capacity, perfect for defined brush strokes. The flat brush head has excellent shape retention and is suitable for all paint types, including oil and watercolour.


Primed Stretched Canvas Panel

Good quality canvas that is mounted on a heavy card panel, which is glued on the reverse, and primed ready for use. Simply add paint and let your creativity flow.


Derwent Sketching Pencil –

Sketching is all about being loose and free to create. These pencils have a wide strip of graphite, making it easy to rough-out a loose sketch, or quickly capture a passing cloud before it disappears! While still being able to add those all important details to your drawing by sharpening it to a fine point. Making these pencils a highly versatile addition to your artist arsenal.


Palette Knife Card

Brushes are not the only paint applicator you can use and we wanted to give you another option to help mix and apply your paint. Try using this card to mix colours and experiment with the different ways it can put paint on canvas. Cut it into various shapes and use it to scrape, scratch and add textures to your work.


Palette Paper 45gsm

This special paper sheet is a vegetable parchment impervious to oil and acrylic, making it perfect for a temporary art palette. Use it to mix (and save) your colours, safe in the knowledge that it will not bleed or leak through onto the surface below.