September 30, 2019

ScrawlrBox #48 – August 2019

Featured Artist: Jonathan Knight

Based in Worcestershire, UK artist Jonathan Knight uses a variety of mixed media to create realistic portraits and pop culture artwork. Born in 1987 and with a clear passion for art at a young age he began receiving art lessons from his step father a hobbyist in art at age 10. After studying fine art and art history at college he sold his first piece of art age 15 to a friend and many more portraits over the following years. Since then J Knight has gone on to amass a large following on social media with pieces of his art hanging on walls worldwide. He continues to explore portraits in realism using both traditional and contemporary art techniques with a wide variety of mediums.

Facebook: jknightart
Instagram: @jknightart

Challenge: Rainbow Renaissance

Think back to a classical style of art for this box but bring it into the 21st century with the latest innovation in pen technology. Use this months featured art as inspiration for your own colourful interpretation of an artwork from one of the great masters. Our artist chose Michelangelo’s David, who and what will you choose?



What was in the box?

Chameleon Color Blending Fineliners

The newest addition to the Chameleon family was elegantly crafted to incorporate Chameleon color blending technology into a fine point Japanese precision 0.3mm metal clad tip. These fineliners have a patented dual ink system, with ink in the pen and in the cap! To blend colours, all you have to do is switch the cap to another pen (hold vertically for a better transfer), leave it a few seconds and make vibrant colour to colour blends! Filled with water-based, washable ink that wont bleed through most papers or dry out when left with the cap off for up to 2 days. Six colour pens, with multiple colour combinations.


Pilot DR Drawing Pen 05  –

A technical drawing pen with fast-drying, highly water-resistant and light-fast black pigment ink. The hard-wearing plastic tip is ideal for drawing and sketching. Pilot Drawing pens are not just for artists and designers, but for anyone looking for a solid, reliable fineline pen! The unique pen cap contains a system that circulates the ink in the pen tip while the pen is capped. This prevents the tip from drying out while not in use, so that the next time you write, the pen will deliver a smooth line from the very start!


Staedtler Lumograph 4H Pencil  –

The Lumograph pencil is highly recognisable with its blue, black and white livery. A premium-quality tool ideal for all artists with a special lead formulation providing a supreme metallic lustre. It is especially break-resistant thanks to super-bonded 2mm lead. It’s easy to erase and easy to sharpen with any quality sharpener. The perfect pencil for some light sketching before adding any line-work.


Crok’Book by Clairefontaine  –

The handy and flexible Clairefontaine Crok’Book contains 24 sheets of white, 160gsm, PEFC paper, stapled into a 270g Maya card cover embossed with the company’s logo. This high quality paper is made in France and has a fine tooth surface that is acid free. The perfect sketchbook companion to the supplies included in this box.