December 4, 2019

ScrawlrBox #50 – October 2019

Featured Artist: DrawingWiffWaffles

Rin had been doodling in the margins of her school-books from a young age. Yet, art wasn’t something she always put much time or thought into. When she was fourteen, she spent a stint in the hospital and was diagnosed with a life-threatening auto-immune disease. Although it was a scary and life-changing time, Rin was introduced to art supplies she’d never tried before in that hospital . She began keeping a sketchbook and brought it to her monthly chemical treatments. Her 12-hour chemotherapy sessions eventually ended – but drawing, much like her diagnosis, has stuck with her ever since.

Rin didn’t study illustration in college. It was just her and her sketchbook. She attributes self-doubt and insecurities to stunting her artistic growth in her teens. These negative thoughts would cause her to go weeks without drawing. She now tries to use her Social Media presence to share a lesson she has learned with time: that enjoying the process is what allows us to grow and the finished illustration doesn’t reflect your value as a person. (Oh! – and of course, it’s ok to draw for the fun of it.)

YouTube: drawingwiffwaffles
Instagram: @drawingwiffwaffles
Twitter: @drawwiffwaffles

Challenge: Dressed to the nines

To celebrate our 50th edition we have teamed up with one of our favourite YouTube artists and her favourite colour. Take on the challenge and see if you can create a mini masterpiece with this limited colour palette. Rin says she has been inspired by OOTD and fashion a lot recently, so why not recreate your individual dress style or interpret what you are wearing today into a completely purple outfit, just don’t forget to add a hint of glitter and make it catwalk ready.



What was in the box?

Copic Purple Doodle Pack –

This convenient little pack is the perfect introduction to Copic products. With a combination of colour-coordinated pens and markers, you’ll have everything you need to start making creative doodles and drawings. This set includes 2 Ciao double-sided markers, a glitter pen and a 0.3mm Copic Multiliner. The Ciao markers feature a twin-tip design that has a medium chisel tip and a creative brush tip, making them very versatile in your art work. They also feature replaceable nibs and refillable ink which allows for lifetime use. The Glitter Pen is great for adding a hint of sparkle to your projects and the Multiliner pen has a high-quality nib and a very pigmented, bleed-proof ink to give you colour that lasts.


Derwent White Paint Pen –

This water-soluble white pen produces a highly opaque ink which can be either layered on top of your work or blended into it. You can create transparent washes by simply diluting the ink, with brushing water onto your creation whilst it’s still wet. Once dry, the ink will be fixed permanently so it can be used to create watercolour effects, bold splashes of pigment or subtle blends. When you need control and precision the fine nib is great for adding delicate line work like cross-hatching. It works brilliantly alongside other media, so it’s great for creating layered work with expressive marks that enhance your art work.


Faber Castell Dessin Pencil –

Faber-Castell has been creating high quality pencils since 1660. Originating from Nuremberg Germany, they continue to be one of the best recognised pencil makers in the world. The Dessin pencil is ideal for sketching, drafting or writing. Like other Faber-Castell pencils, the lead undergoes a special bonding process which strengthens the lead and allows for better sharpening, so you can effortlessly create precise lines and fine details in your sketches.


Lyra Kneadable Eraser –

A special purpose cleaning eraser, designed to easily lift and remove traces of graphite. The eraser can be manipulated into various useful shapes and sizes to help tidy up your artwork easily and efficiently. It’s an essential tool for all sketching artists and even comes with a handy storage case to help keep it clean.


Canson “The Wall” 220gsm –

A revolutionary paper specifically designed for graffiti artists, illustrators and designers. The name comes from the fact that it behaves like a real wall with design features that make it completely opaque, bleed-proof and double-sided. It is resistant to alcohol markers and enables you to draw clear and precise lines with very fine-nibbed pens, as well as thick markers. Because of its unique design, ink will never bleed through, even when subject to heavy and repeated use of markers, so two sheets gives you four surfaces to scrawl on. Can you break the wall?