February 28, 2016

ScrawlrBox #6 – February 2016

image by: melosza

Featured Artist: Katrin Niederleithner

Katrin Niederleithner, better known as @Jarlie86 , is a self-taught illustrator, designer, author and creative all-rounder from Germany. She creates realistic portraits and street art, as well as cute little children’s book characters and manga. Her works are colourful, inspired by movies, TV shows, music , pop-culture and her own imagination, combined with a unique style. She uses traditional mediums like alcohol markers, coloured pencils, watercolours, pastels and acrylic paints, but also uses a Wacom Cintiq graphic board, for her digital creations.

“Do what you love & always love what you do – Never give up !“

Twitter: @Jarlie86 | Instagram: @Jarlie86 |YouTube: Jarlie86

Challenge: Time & Space



What was in the box?


MOLOTOW™ Aqua Twin –

The refillable Aqua Twin is ideal for any artist, as it perfectly suits all design, watercolour and graffiti applications. At the same time, the exchangeable soft brush tip ensures a genuine brush feeling. Use its as a normal marker or experiment with how it interacts with water and push some pigment around the page.

MOLOTOW™ Masking Liquid Pen 2mm –

This special marker contains masking fluid that can be used in your work like any other pen. Apply the masking liquid to the area NOT to be painted, then colour, let dry briefly and rub down with a finger or a rubber to remove the masking fluid and reveal.

KOH-I-NOOR Modulez Aquarelle Pencil –

Mondeluz are rich, top quality watercolour pencils with a high concentration of pigment and therefore an excellent durability and lightfastness. They are extremely soluble and an aquarelle technique can be achieved with just few drops of water. Use them as normal colouring pencils or transform the marks into something special with a single drop of water.

KOH-I-NOOR Flat Brush Size 8 –

Use this flat head brush to add a splash of water to your work. Wash out and mix the pigments of these water soluble supplies to create something special..

MOLOTOW™ AQUA 180 g/m² Paper 

Also included are a couple of sheets of premium watercolour paper to fully test your supplies. The specially coated sheets make water-based inks shine.