May 29, 2016

ScrawlrBox #9 – May 2016

image by:artbycellie

Featured Artist: Stephen Bradbury

Hey! My name is Stephen Bradbury; I’m a 20 y/o Graphic Designer from Manchester, UK, specialising in hand lettering & bespoke typography. I have just finished my second year at the University of Salford studying graphic design, so one more year and the training wheels are off! My university course doesn’t focus on hand lettering, so this is something I took on myself and I have absolutely loved it ever since. I have been taking hand lettering seriously now for nearly 4 years and I have progressed at a pace which I am happy with, but more can always be achieved with hard work and dedication.

Since starting hand lettering my number one source of inspiration as a whole has been Instagram, but more so, the community pages, such as GoodType, where I have previously been featured. I can confidently say I would have never have been able to progress at the rate I have without these community pages sharing work from so many talented designers. My main inspirations right now are Sergey Shaprio and David Milan, so if you haven’t heard of these guys, I would definitely recommend checking them out!

Check out my hand lettering tutorials on YouTube to get started with hand lettering. Just search “Ste Bradbury Hand Lettering Tutorial” and use the guides included in this box or download the A4 guides from the downloads page on my website. Thanks for reading; have a brilliant day and enjoy this months box! | Instagram: @stebradbury | YouTube: stebradburydesign

Challenge: Write ScrawlrBox



What was in the box?


Kuretake Cartoonist Brush Pen No. 22 –

This brush pen has a soft nylon brush tip that can produce a range of thick and thin lines, making it the perfect choice for hand lettering. Its smooth-flowing, water-based pigment ink is water-resistant and lightfast.

Lyra Aqua Brush Duo –

These double ended fibre tipped pens have a broad brush tip on one side, and a fine bullet nib on the other. Inks are water-based, lightfast and can also be mixed. Try adding the darker colour directly to the lighter nib.

Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen –

A version of the popular and long-lived Pentel Sign Pen, but with a brush tip. This pen adds a further dimension, being capable of expressive strokes with its flexible fibre tip. Non-permanent water-based ink.

Zig BrusH2O Waterbrush (Large) –

Fill with plain water to blend water-soluble media; or fill with dilute watercolour, ink, etc for sketching or hand lettering. To fill, unscrew tip and place neck of barrel in water. Squeeze and release to fill.

Water Colour Duo (GOLD+SILVER) –

This small but high quality Koh-I-Noor water colour pack provides two 30mm watercolour discs to test your water brush lettering skills. Try these metallic colours on some darker paper to see them shine.

Sharpie Whiteboard Marker Chisel Tip –

These markers have a durable polyester nib for precise and smooth writing. The chisel tip will write a 2.0mm or a 5.8mm line on most surfaces with a bright bold pigmented, low odour black ink.