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  • ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box

Feb '17 ScrawlrBox

Encompass yourself with the feeling of spring and join our featured artist, Annatomix, in an exploration of new beginnings.  This box contains Amsterdam Acrylic Paints, a Toma Acrylic Marker, a Seawhite Golden Synthetic Brush Set, a Pentel Fiesta Mechanical Pencil and Fabriano Pittura paper.


What was in the box?

Amsterdam Acrylic Paint 20ml

These four acrylic paints are lightfast, durable and have a short drying time, with virtually no odour. The transparent tubes accurately show the colour, for perfect colour matching every time. Ideal for anyone who needs a small amount of acrylic colour without skimping on quality.

Toma Acrylic Marker

This chisel tip acrylic marker is suitable for all types of surface, providing a different way to apply paint to your work whatever the situation. The xylene free, odourless paint is also water resistant once dry.

Seawhite Golden Synthetic Brush Set

A small collection of synthetic brush sizes and shapes to give you a selection of tools to choose from when testing out your new paints. Be sure to clean your brushes with soapy water after use and never let your acrylics dry on the brushes.

Pentel Fiesta Mechanical Pencil

A great little automatic pencil to sketch out your initial layout before breaking out the paints. Click the lid to extend the lead and turn it over to utilise the built in eraser. Very handy.

Fabriano Pittura 400gsm Paper

This heavy duty paper is made with prime quality cellulose pulp, acid free, guaranteeing inalterability over time. The paper has a natural grain surface and is designed especially for acrylics.

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