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  • ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box

Jul '17 ScrawlrBox

Refresh yourself from the summer sun with this month's cool, blue palette.  Use the broken imagery from Sydney Nielsen as a starting point for a shattered creation.  This box includes  Staedtler Noris Colour Pencils (12), a Kuretake Wink Of Luna brush pen, an Artline 200 Fineline 0.4, an Artline 210 Medium Liner 0.6, an Artline Metallic Poster Marker and a magical Kuretake Post Chalk Dry Wipe Marker.


What was in the box?

Kuretake Wink Of Luna

This brush pen is the perfect tool for adding vibrant colour and a subtle metallic effect to your artwork. The brush tip is a real bristled tip, so variations in pressure can produce broader or finer strokes.

Staedtler Noris Colour Pencils (12)

The first coloured pencil with an Anti-Break System (ABS). The protective coating reinforces the lead and increases break resistance. A range of brilliant colours, in a pencil that is easy to sharpen.

Artline 200 Fineline 0.4

The instant drying, blur proof ink makes this plastic nibbed pen ideal for drawing. The fine fibre-tip draws a 0.4mm line enabling detailed outline work.

Artline 210 Medium Liner 0.6

The 210 has a slightly larger tip, making it ideal for drawing where bold lines are required. The ink is the same water based, instant drying, blur proof ink as the 200, but we opted for an extra splash of colour.

Artline Metallic Poster Marker

This vivid opaque, water based, metallic pigment ink has superior water and fade resistant performance. It allows over-painting without bleed-through, but easily washes off non-porous surfaces.

Kuretake Post Chalk Dry Wipe Marker

A water-based pigment marker, in which the chalky lines appear gradually after drawing. The 1.2mm bullet tip is especially effective on black, but can also be used to add highlights to your work.

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