• ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box
  • ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box

Jun '16 ScrawlrBox

Get inspired by Miss Wah's adorable cartoon characters and create your own charming, ball of cuteness.  This box contains Uni POSCA Marker Pens 3M (Fine), aUni POSCA Marker Pen 5M (Medium), a Uni POSCA Marker Pen 1M (Extra-Fine) a Uni-ball Signo Angelic Gel Pen (UM-120AC) and a Uni PIN Fine Tip Drawing Pen (0.3).


What was in the box?

Uni POSCA Marker Pen 3M (Fine)

Uni POSCA Markers provide vibrant colours for nearly all creative uses. The water-based pigment ink is lightfast, water-resistant and writes on virtually any surface …and yet does not bleed through paper! The wide range of opaque colours can cover each other well and hopefully this pastel selection will inspire you start creating some Cute/Kawaii characters just like Miss Wah!

Uni POSCA Marker Pen 5M (Medium)

That same POSCA quality and features but a slightly thicker nib to test out. The larger nib lets you lay down a little more of this yummy Emerald Green ink in your work.

Uni POSCA Marker Pen 1M (Extra-Fine)

Once you have the block colours filled in use this extra fine black POSCA marker to outline your work and add the details. This will make your cute really characters stand out and the colours pop out from the page.

Uni-ball Signo Angelic Gel Pen (UM-120AC)

Perfect for adding those all important highlights to bring your work to life. This beautifully consistent ink in a fine 0.7 mm point. The white ink looks fantastic on dark coloured papers. An acid-free, pigment ink which is water-resistant and lightfast.

Uni PIN Fine Tip Drawing Pen (0.3)

The uni-ball Pin 03 is a fine tip drawing pen, ideal for all those fine details and finishing touches. It contains uni Super Ink, which is fade resistant and water proof which allows use with watercolours in your drawing too.


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