• ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box
  • ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box

Jun '22 ScrawlrBox

This neon themed box will take you on a journey with everything big, bold and bright!  With these vivid colours you will need to think outside of the box of traditional colour ideologies and get creative with a fun and dynamic palette.  The supplies included in this box are 4 neon Pilot Pintor markers in red, yellow, green and apricot, a purple Pigma Micron liner and 10 sheets of Frisk Bristol Board paper.

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What was in the box?

Pilot Pintor Markers, Neon (Red, Yellow, Green & Apricot)

Explore your wildest colour-filled dreams with these bold and vibrant paint markers. These wonderfully vivid markers feature a short hexagonal barrel which makes them easier to grip and hold for extended use. The water-based pigment ink is ultra-resistant and opaque and it will dry quickly ensuring you won’t smudge any of your creative designs. The ink will also dry permanent so once dry you can layer colours to your heart’s content! The markers are equipped with super-strong nibs that won’t disintegrate under pressure, making them ideal for use on all kinds of rough surfaces and these versatile pens are not limited to just paper - they can be used on a variety of different surfaces including wood, paper, cardboard, fabrics, plastic, glass, metal and more! These brilliant and expressive markers will be the perfect tool to start your neon coloured journey.

Pigma Micron, 05, Purple

This handy little Pigma Micron pen is a wonderful tool for precision and accuracy, perfect for outlining and detailing in your artwork. It features an acid-free ink that is derived from a single pigment to ensure colour consistency and reliability. The ink is also fade-proof against sunlight or UV and is permanent when dry, giving all of your creations guaranteed lasting quality.

Frisk Bristol Board 250gsm, A5, 10 Sheets

This Frisk Bristol Board paper provides an acidfree, extra smooth and clean white surface, ideal for all of your illustrative needs with pencils, ink pens, technical pens and more. Both sides of each sheet of paper features an identical surface so you can use either side for your creative designs. With 10 sheets you should have plenty for all of your swatching and creative needs.