• ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box
  • ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box
  • ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box

May '21 ScrawlrBox

Let your creativity bloom like the most beautiful flower in your garden.  This box is all about floral creations, with our featured artist Art by Savanah inspiring the 'Secret Garden' #ScrawlrChallenge.  The supplies include 6 POSCA pencils, a pot of Pearl Burnish Liquid White (made by none other than our featured artist herself), a Derwent Line Maker, a Zahn size 2 Round Brush and a pad of Goldline Catridge paper.

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What was in the box?

Uni Posca Coloured Pencils

That’s right, Posca is a brand that we are all familiar with. And after several years of research coloured pencils have now been added to their collection. These pencil colours are made from a unique combination of wax and oil to achieve a strong but soft lead that can be used to produce a highly concentrated, smooth bright colour with a matt finish and are suitable for use on a range of surfaces. Posca Coloured Pencils offer a richly pigmented colour palette, great for sketching, layering and smooth gradient effects. True to the Posca spirit they can be used on different surfaces such as paper, card, wood, metal, leather, glass, plastic, canvas and organic materials such as stone. Posca colouring pencils can also be used to compliment works in watercolour, acrylic or Posca marker to produce mixed media artworks.

Pearl Burnish Liquid White

This liquid white pencil is made by none other than our featured artist herself, Safanah. It is perfect for adding highlighting and layering effects to your work. Unlike paint, coloured pencils cannot always be easily layered over and over, with lighter colours often not holding enough pigment when used as a top layer. With this liquid pencil you can intensify or create white areas without having to sacrifice any pigmentation. And what’s more, once this white pencil is dry, you can even layer more coloured pencil on top!

Derwent Line Maker

This Derwent Line maker is a free-flowing liner that will always produce the precision and consistent line work that you are looking for – a great tool that will help you create beautiful opaque lines. It contains a permanent, fast drying pigment ink, making it perfect for any mixed media project.

Zahn Size 2 Round Brush

Brushes are the magic wand we use to weave colour across a canvas. This Pony Hair brush is a size 2 brush with a fine tip that will produce controlled detailing in your work and can be used with all kinds of water based mediums. Use it with with your Pearl Burnish, for adding highlights and layers to your artwork.

Goldline A5 Cartridge Pad (120gsm)

This Goldline paper has a fantastic smooth surface texture to enable you to produce your best work. The paper is acid-free and is a perfect pairing for coloured pencils, charcoal and other sketching media. And with 16 sheets of paper you will have plenty for all of your testing, sketches and final projects.