Our #089 ScrawlrBoxTop 3 ScrawlrChallenge Picks

#089 ScrawlrBox ScrawlrChallenge: 'Dish Of The Day'.

It’s time to plate up! On the menu for this month are some ingredients you can use to whip up some culinary delights inspired by the whimsical illustration style of our featured artist. With a dash of pen here and a blend of pencil there, layer up and scrawl away to see what you can serve up with your creativity.

We really enjoyed your wonderful works of art. Here are our Top 3 for the #089 ScrawlrBox:

Danielle Fraser
Instagram: @danifraser_art_doodle_design

Magic soup! aka melted Ben and Jerrys Birthday Cake ice cream... sounds pretty magical to us! We love all the swirls of colours in here creating something both delicious and exciting to look at.

 Have you ever used colouring pencils before?
“Although not my first time using coloured pencils, they are not my go-to medium. I felt totally out of my comfort zone when starting this piece, but that’s what i love about ScrawlrBox- the creative challenge is real! Combing the Derwent pencils with their blending pen as a first; I LOVED the results! The colour pay off was incredible - vibrant and versatile. I was able to layer, blend and use the ink to add te

Instagrsam: @momiji_draws

Mmmm pizza. Another great take on the #089 ScrawlrBox ScrawlrChallenge. I think pizza holds a place in most peoples hearts, just like this piece has made its way into ours! Ok, now off to order pizza

What were your first thoughts when you opened this months box? Was it pizza?!
“I was really excited when I first opened the box and saw all of te wonderful supplies! I wanted to do some sort of pizza inspired piece as it’s definitely been my dish of the day on countless occasions! “ 

Cerys Clarke
Instagram: @art.by.cerys

Vulture’s gotta eat, right? We love this take on the #089 ScrawlrBox Challenge ‘Dish of Day’. The use of the ballpoint pen here is just *chefs kiss* the limited use of colours worked perfectly here too. 

What inspired you for this months challenge?
“Birds of prey have always been a huge influence on my artwork, and I wanted to take a different spin on this months challenge! I thought the details in the plumage would be a good way to pusy my abilities, whilst also highlighting the important work vultures do in the wild as they are the clean up crew!

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ScrawlrBox #089
ScrawlrBox #089
ScrawlrBox #089
ScrawlrBox #089
ScrawlrBox #089
ScrawlrBox #089
ScrawlrBox #089
ScrawlrBox #089

ScrawlrBox #089

This box was a tasty way to welcome the new year. It is filled with deep, rich colour pencils that got us thinking about something edible. In creating this box, we were inspired by our featured artist, Xuetong Wang. The supplies include: A Derwent blender pen, a set of Derwent fine artist’s pencils, a unique concertina sketchbook and the all important Pilot B2B recycled ballpoint pen to outline your work.