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As always amazing

Love all the different art supplies, great boxes!


I enjoyed the quality of the Faber-Castell pencils and the challenge of creating with the limited pallet and brown paper

Sale box

Excellent value for money and great to try new materials.

ScrawlrBox #091
Esther Pearl
excellent set, Bristol board pad especially good

This box was a lot of fun. I has it as part of my subscription and then bought it again when it went on sale as a 'previous box'. I love the Bristol board especially. And it was a cost effective way to try Copic markers!

This was a fun box and a great purchase

I have never worked with pastels before, but I have seen them used on YouTube and wanted to try them. This box was PERFECT for a first-time user. I enjoyed swatching the colors, and now I am hoping to use them to recreate a page that was created years ago with chalk but lost. Looking forward to my next subscription box!

ScrawlrBox #098
Sharon Vince
Lovely products

Love these watercolor pigments, a great material to experiment with.

ScrawlrBox #098
Rochelle Moon

Really excited to see what I can do with the materials in this box.

ScrawlrBox #090
Lovely set

Really pleased with the set and the quality!

Great value

Bought in the sale. Excellent products and can't wait to use the charcoal paints.

ScrawlrBox #092
Pam Cameron

These are great quality products to use.

ScrawlrBox #098
Sue Greenstreet
Lovely set!

This is a brilliant set! I didn't have either of the brushes/spritzer so it was great to have those to add to my supplies. The little palette is really useful too as it's light and takes up so little room if you are going out or on hols. The Jackman's colours are gorgeous too. I can always use more watercolour paper too. All in all a cracking set - got one for my sister too 😊

ScrawlrBox #090
charlotte creasy
Lovely materials

Really enjoyed this. Such fun getting a project in a box in the post. Keeps the kids quiet for hours too.

ScrawlrBox #090
Denise Sayles
Brilliant inspiration and products

I really enjoyed the box and the tips and inspiration that it contained

ScrawlrBox #100
Jennifer Consterdine

A great box with quality art materials. I have wanted to purchase this for awhile.


It's soft, dark, does as you would expect. I always get annoyed with the glue on the sticker but I presume we all expect it now!

gorgeous crayons

Absolutely loved this box - looks so unassuming and is so satisfying - I've got this box twice now!

5* rating

pens as described
speedy delivery

ScrawlrBox #097
Carin Wright
Great box

Paint pens are excellent, not used the paper yet

ScrawlrBox #088
Ross Williamson
Nice colours love the chisel

Good colours on the Eddington pens. The chisel black fibre tip writes like a ink dip pen and gives a lovely old fashioned style broad line. Like a feather pen.

Excellent value and exciting pigments.

ScrawlrBox #088 Neville

Great product.. interesting,opens you up to new products.quality.

Great package

This one in particular had all the items that I wanted and when I unboxed it, they didn’t disappoint! All high quality and lovely to use!

ScrawlrBox #101
madeleine whitlock
Something Different

Had not used these crayons before,l like them very much,all the quality of the items in the box very good, like the paper,like everything about this box.have like all the boxes i have received none have been disappointing

Love it

I got my first one as the discounted 5$ one as i cant afford a subscription as im in america so it becomes close to 30$ for me which is sad but honestly from the 5$ box (13$ usd after shipping) id say theyd be worth the 30$. Is there cheaper boxes sure, are there boxes for the same usd price with more ? Yes! But ive tried a 30$ art box that came with way more and tbh. It was art supplies i touched maybe once or twice and havent seen since. As im more a marker, color pencil, and pencil user. So id rather get less of stuff i wont use than a BUNCH of stuff i dont even use ever.

ScrawlrBox #092
Michelle Sylvain
Love them all!!

I haven’t received a bad box yet.