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ScrawlrBox #100
Martine D.
Amazing box

An awesome box ! I'm always down to discover new art supplies and these did not disappoint in the slightest.

I usually use watercolours, and it was a treat learning to use these charcoal paints. I needed a bit of time to adapt my workflow to use them efficiently but once I did, they worked splendidly ! I particularly enjoy the 'grainy/splotchy' finish they leave when dry, it adds a very interesting texture to illustrations.

Also enjoyed learning about Clarissa Grandi's art ! Quite stunning patterns, I must say.

ScrawlrBox #091
Amanda Johansson
Beautiful colors

I love how smoothly the markers blend together and the art is beautiful too💗

So bright!

I love these boxes, they're such a great way to try different art products
These paint markers are fantastic, smooth & so bright & vivid

ScrawlrBox #091
Frederique Nuhaan
Great products

Love the products!

ScrawlrBox #088
Luna Cochran
Great Value

I loved the boxes I received and everything worked perfectly. The only problem I had was with the shipping. I received no status updates besides the initial one that let me know that my order was confirmed. Besides that I loved it.

Great box of Art items. Shipping just too expensive

ScrawlrBox #090
michelle szegedy
Very interesting creative boxes

I like the interesting choice of materials and mediums. Very creative ideas come to mind.

ScrawlrBox #098
Alexis Englade
Worth it

Very nice products.

ScrawlrBox Subscription
Michela Bonelli

I was worried about the duty taxes for the shipment but everything was absolutely fine and the box is great!

Great box, love the pamflet & the candy, and the supplies are great!

So nice!

I love being able to try new mediums, especially when they're high quality ones that I'd never let myself buy XD
The boxes make it easy to try new things, & it includes tips to help learn how to use them

So, so…

I have mixed feelings about the peerless watercolour sheets. In the main, they are wonderful, with vibrant colours and very easy to use. The pack that I received had a few sheets that were stuck together and when separated, partially destroyed some of the pigment surface.

Love the book

Love the book. Love the paper too. All i was a little disappointed was that they put the book on the top of the package and my cover got dented. I was looking forward to customize it.

Very good

I love what i got ✨️❤️✨️

ScrawlrBox #082
Sally Griffin
Buying marked down boxes is a must!

These boxes are great at full price but for those of us (me) that don't have a lot of spare change, the out of date/excess boxes are fantastic! The supplies work perfectly :D

ScrawlrBox #100
Frederique Nuhaan
Beautiful supplies

Really useful supplies and great tips, I’ve learned some new exciting tricks.

ScrawlrBox #097
Hollis Watkins
Great Value

LOVE every part, especially the print

ScrawlrBox #091
Lieve Theuns
Nice box

My daughter was really pleased with her ScrawlrBox!

ScrawlrBox #091

I loved the box very much x3

ScrawlrBox #082
Carl Quiller

Very interesting collection as i would never normally use these kind of items to produce any work but now will try. Again great art, booklet to help with products and another kind of paper to test out. Bought on sale so really good price but have subscribed now so can't wait for first delivery soon.

ScrawlrBox #091
Carl Quiller

Really pleased with this collection - Love the art work and very happy to see Copic Markers as I've never used this brand but do have a lot of other markers so test will be fun. Great to get different papers each delivery too as this is something i know little about with different mediums etc so good to test on. Looking forward to my next delivery.

ScrawlrBox #090
Carl Quiller
Nice mix

Really pleased with the different products - they are things i would not normally use so gives me a chance to test things which is important as i do tend to play it safe with what i know. Very nice art work and info too which always inspires. Looking forward to my next delivery.

ScrawlrBox #088
Emma Hearn

This is a fabulous box, the contents are great and the service was great. Looking forward to getting started!

ScrawlrBox #093
Burgi Fischer
OK but not my favorite

As I mentioned in my review-title the contents are ok but even not my favorite ones. Sorry

ScrawlrBox Subscription
Nathan Santistevan
First box to US

My first purchase was a day after the box of the month apparently went out. So I had to wait until NEXT month's box went out. And then being in the US it didn't arrive for 21 days later than everyone in Europe. I understand it but don't care for it much since everyone else posted contents way before I got mine. Then to top it off I didn't get a sticker in the box. It's tiny but I looked forward to using it like I did with Artsnacks. Nothing exciting about this subscription. It's fun but with all of these other happenings, I am not excited about it anymore.