How do I subscribe?
How much does the subscription cost?
Do you ship worldwide?
Will there be a delivery charge?
How does the GIFT option work?
What art supplies will be in the box?
How many items will be in each box?
Why the cut off date?
What date are the boxes shipped each month?
How long until I get my box?
When will I be billed for my subscription?
What's the difference between a gift and regular subscription?
How do I become a Featured Artist?
How do I get my products in the next box?
Can I pay in Dollars/another currency?
Can I use Paypal to subscribe?
Can I buy one box without signing up for a subscription?
Can I buy a previous month's box?
If I buy a previous box, will I be signing up for a subscription?
Can I cancel my subscription?
If I cancel do I get a refund?

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