Our #090 ScrawlrBoxTop 3 ScrawlrChallenge Picks

#090 ScrawlrBox ScrawlrChallenge: 'Organic Origins'.

Deep rooted in nature stems an abundance of inspiration. This box is all about embracing your surroundings to see what natural formations you can create. Paint, splat and pour your craft onto the page with your new supplies. Or just like Kerry Lemon -our featured artist- use a leaf!

We loved all the creations you made with these supplies. Here are our Top 3 for the #090 ScrawlrBox:

Instagram: @delavita.art

When life gives you lemons! We love all these pieces made by Vitalija, it was quite hard to pick a favourite from just her pieces alone! The fluid acrylics from this box were made for texture, and that's just how they've been used here! All the layers of colours and textures add up to create a massive variety of visually stunning pieces.

What was your favourite thing about working with the #090 ScrawlrBox supplies?
My favourite thing about working with these suplies were the versatility in which I could use them - the fluid acrylics can be used on so many surfaces and in so many ways - watered down to look like watercolours, used as it is for bold brushstrokes, poured, mixed together, aplied straight out of bottle for extra texture. It inspired play. The colours provided also complimented each other perfectly.

Cat Pass
Instagrsam: @kitty_darkstar_art

The layers! The colours! We want to jump on in and explore this forest. Stunning work by another one of our Top 3 Scrawlr’s, Cat Pass.

“I’ve done this in the style of my recent gouache studies using these rather nice Daler Roweny system 3 fluid acrylics. Mixing the three colours I got some dreamy shades of green and turquoise, and I even managed to mix the water based permanent marker on a palette with the acrylic to make a darker shade!There was a lovey Princeton brush included with the supplies, that was very useful for texture and mark making.”

Have you ever worked with fluid acrylics before?

Demeter Nati

Looks like this cat is up to some mischief… we love it! A completely different approach to the #090 ScrawlrBox supplies. All the colour is in the background, giving us some proper Spring vibes. Absolutley love the linear feel of the cats and organic bits and bobs surrounding them. The colourful dots add in that textural appeal. Great work.

What inspired you to make these spring time cat creations?

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ScrawlrBox #090
ScrawlrBox #090
ScrawlrBox #090
ScrawlrBox #090
ScrawlrBox #090
ScrawlrBox #090
ScrawlrBox #090
ScrawlrBox #090

ScrawlrBox #090

The #090 Scrawlrbox, was a fun box filled with supplies to dab, dot and scrawl your way to a masterpiece. Kerry Lemon - our featured artist - encouraged us to get back to nature and experiment with different techniques and textures to create something entirely different. This box contained, 3 x Daler Rowney Fluid Acrylics, a Lyra permanent marker, a Princeton angular brush and a Canson A5 Sketchpad.