Our #092 ScrawlrBoxTop 3 ScrawlrChallenge Picks

#092 ScrawlrBox ScrawlrChallenge: 'Metamorphosis'.

This month it’s time for a change... Inspired by our featured artist’s love for all things creepy and crawly we encourage you experiment with the versatility this transformative medium has to offer. Sketch, hatch, dot, colour, layer, blend or paint... Just add water to watch your creations transform before your eyes!

You lot always create such amazing work! Here are our picks for the #092 ScrawlrBox:


Amy May
Instagram: @lady_doodle.bug

Dark and beautiful, we love this skull and moth piece. The tiny details on the wings are just fantastic, a perfect example of how to use masking fluid.

We asked Amy, Was this your first time using watercolour pencils and masking fluid?

“I’ve previously tried to use watercolour pencils but didn’t fully understand them. I took some tips from the Zine and used the lead from the sharpening mixed with water for most of my piece, I also used a wet brush and took pigment from the pencil for darker effects. I’d never used masking fluid and found the precision nib very helpful for details. It was also super fun to rub away and see the effect left behind which can be seen on the blue moth wings.”

Emily Edwards
Instagram: @thatgirlnamedem

Hopping its way into the top 3 is this little froggy fella! Just too cute not to be featured. Emily also created 2 other pieces with this box that we equally love! It makes us so happy that she was so inspired by this box.

We asked Emily, Where do you look for inspiration?

“I look for inspiration everywhere but it usually comes when I’m not looking for instance when I’m washing up or trying fall asleep, i feel the need to right that idea down. I go online and look up stock images and see what ideas come to me. I’ve made countless Pinterest boards (guilty obsession) filled with ideas and inspiration.

I have an art chat group i absolutely love where we all help each other, with challenges, criticism and support when we need it. they inspire me a lot. Also the scrawlrbox community using the hashtags and facebook group and seeing what others create with the same materials always bring new ideas.”

Katy Hawkins
Instagram: @katy_ryles_art

It’s giving us butterfly princess vibes and we are here for it. Even the background looks magical. Absolutely stunning work by long time Scrawlr, Katy.

We asked Katy, what was your favourite way to use these supplies?

“My favourite way to use the gorgeous Faber Castell pencils was to scrape the lead into a palette and add a few drops of water and apply like a watercolour. They worked great to form a base layer and once dry to work over with the pencils afterwards. The pencils blended beautifully with a wet brush and when activated created a deeper hue. The Frisk masking fluid worked really well to mask areas off and removed from the page without damaging the paper! Speaking of the paper? Chefs kiss! Love Frisk watercolour paper!”

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ScrawlrBox #092
ScrawlrBox #092
ScrawlrBox #092
ScrawlrBox #092
ScrawlrBox #092
ScrawlrBox #092
ScrawlrBox #092
ScrawlrBox #092
ScrawlrBox #092
ScrawlrBox #092

ScrawlrBox #092


With the #092 Scrawlrbox, we focused on finding inspiration beneath our feet as we explored the mini-beast wonderland. Candace Fincher led the way as our featured artist this month! With her wonderful not-so-creepy crawly creations. This box contained all you need to sketch all your findings with a set of Faber Castell watercolour pencils, masking fluid, and 10 sheets of paper. *Allergy Warning: Contains Latex