Our #097 ScrawlrBox Top 3 ScrawlrChallenge Picks

#097 ScrawlrBox ScrawlrChallenge: 'Quest'.

This months box is inspired by our featured artists love of animals and art. Whether they have claws and paws or scales and tails - we encourage you to use this months supplies to layer up, blend away, draw, mark and experiment with all sorts of textures to bring your furry friend creations to life!

Here are our picks for the #097 ScrawlrBox:


Tautvile Zinkeviciute
Instagram: @ttvlartntbk

It’s the mark making for us. Layers and layers of lines and shading in a lovely colour palette to create this, slightly sinister looking kitty! Eyes wide open, we’re guessing it was formulating a plan of attack on paint pens…

We asked, what inspired this colourful kitty?

“ Oh this kitty was inspired by my own Scottish Fold cat, named Dora. She is grey with yellow eyes.”

Kelly McCracken
Instagram: @Kelly1art

If not friend, then why friend shaped? This bear looks very comfortable as they catch some zzz’s. 

What was your first thought when you saw these supplies?

“When I first saw the supplies I was really excited to try them as I knew Frisk were branching out into art supplies, I love frisk and I love acrylic markers. I was also really excited about the large range of colours to use as often in scrawlrbox, it can be a challenge with a limited colour scheme. I loved this box, it was really fun!”

kelly1art copy.jpeg__PID:fd2c1af9-7adc-4bf6-8f05-b4dee2341b07

Cerys Clarke
Instagram: @art.by.cerys

WOW! this beautiful vibrant piece is what paint pens were made for! Big blocks of bold colour in contract to the smaller fine line details on this piece work wonderfully.

Are paint pens a regular supply for you to work with?
“Never used to use paint pens very often as I was never quite sure how to use them effectively. But over time, with the help of ScrawlrBoxes and fellow artists online, I have experimented and developed a new art style. I often use them alongside other media to help highlight details. They’re very versatile so find myself reaching for them more and more often!”

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ScrawlrBox #097
ScrawlrBox #097
ScrawlrBox #097
ScrawlrBox #097
ScrawlrBox #097
ScrawlrBox #097
ScrawlrBox #097
ScrawlrBox #097

ScrawlrBox #097

The 097 ScrawlrBox, was inspired by the work of our featured artist, Bryanna Smith. The wonderful artwork in this box was created as part of Bryanna’s collection of Arizona native birds, so we encourage you to take inspiration from your favourite animals, domestic or a bit further afield and go wild!  With the supplies provided, observe your four-legged or feathered friends and draw away. In this box you will find a full set of Frisk Paint Pens, Uni-Pin fine liner, Derwent Sketching Pencil (2B) and 10 sheets of Bristol Board.