Our #101 ScrawlrBox Top 3 ScrawlrChallenge Picks

#101 ScrawlrBox ScrawlrChallenge: 'Everything Flows'

No new line is ever the same. This months box is to challenge yourself to work with a continuous flow as inspired by our featured artist. Add your own twist and turns and fill between the lines. Over lap and connect your marks to form new shapes, try shifting your perspective to transform what seem like simple lines into something more spectacular.

Here are our Top 3


Eszeter Katona
Instagram: artbyeszterkatona

All of the squiggles and wiggles to form a self portrait! We love the contrast of soft shading with crayon and the big bold line running through it.

Have you ever heard of these crayons before?

“I have never seen or heard of these crayons, and to be honest I haven’t used crayons in general for a veeeery long time. They are absolute gems! So smooth , lovely colours too! Very easy to use.”

Instagrsam: Deathbearghost

Who knew one line could capture facial expressions?! This is what we feel has been captured perfectly here. All these pieces are bursting with character, the textual rubbings all adding to their personality. Brilliant work.

Did you find working in crayon a challenge?

I didn't have any trouble with using the crayons. Neocolors have become one of my favorite things to doodle with in my sketchbook and those are just fancy crayons. I was really excited to see the boya crayons in the box. I was really impressed with how opaque they are. I could completely cover the black paint pen with them if I wanted too. Also the shape is really pleasant to use. With regular crayons I sometimes snap them because my grip is too hard, but the shape of these requires a different grip. Also the scrawlrtips for this box were so good. I wouldn't have thought to do texture rubbing and now I'm doing it a lot in my sketchbook.


Gemma Walton
Instagram: gewalton_art

One line to form an orderly queue. The added marks of colour around them bring them to life a little, like they’re having a conversation. Wonder what they’re talking about?

Did you enjoy working in a single line?

 “Working in a single line is completely different to my usual style and it was a fun challenge to push me out of my comfort zone. It was really freeing to try something different and keep things simple. It’s amazing how much one line can achieve!”

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ScrawlrBox #101


What’s in a line? This months box gave you the chance to find out! Explore an ever changing line with a continuous flow, as inspired by our featured artist Mikaella Theofanopoulou.

In this box you will find a pack of 4 unique Boya Crayons, a Daler Rowney Acrylic Paint Marker in Black- perfect for those thick lines!- A ScrawlrBox ScrawlrBlanks Pencil in 2B and the surface for this month was a bumper pad of 100 sheets of Frisk Newsprint Paper.