Sit Down With Our November '21 Featured Artist

Aakanksha Bhalerao

Instagram /  syahii_byaakanksha
Featured Artist / November '21 ScrawlrBox

Hi, I’m Aakanksha Bhalerao! I’m from India, currently living in Toronto! I’m a drug regulatory professional with a passion for art! I love creating things from scratch and feel that when you’re invested in the process, the artwork is always satisfying & beautiful. I love free flowing patterns & intricate line work, they help me to stay focused and even flaws add beauty to the final design - much like life! Art is a very productive and effective form of meditation for me!

Can you outline your journey as an artist up until now? 

I have always enjoyed drawing! As a kid I drew pencil sketches inspired from lots of books and magazines. From there, I really enjoyed experimenting with different mediums and subjects. I have not studied art, but I love the process of creating, so I have picked up tips and tricks on the way! I don’t earn a living with art, but it’s a real passion for me. It is definitely something that I turn to when I need to clear my mind.

What is your favourite medium to work with and why?

I love working with fine liners and brush pens! They are very versatile to use and offer a lot of precision and control. They’re perfect for creating clean, delicate lines and intricate designs which I find very satisfying to draw.

How do you decide on a colour palette when working on a new project?

I personally like to keep it minimal, using just two or three colours at a time. I usually draw with black or sepia ink and add a pop of colour to make the subject really stand out. I tend to experiment with colour palettes based on the general mood of the artwork or my environment. I think colour can really change the whole atmosphere of a piece so when it comes to colour I think less is more.

What is your approach to learning new skills?

I am a huge stationery buff, so often my love for new supplies leads the way for me to learn new skills! I like to try out new pens and paints myself first just to get a first impression of them and then I will try to learn more through online tutorials or interacting with and looking at other artists!

Do you have a favourite time of year? Is there a season/time of year that you find particularly inspiring?

I love the transitioning seasons, Spring and Fall! I find the rusty autumnal and the bright spring colour palettes very inspiring. I sort of look at these seasons as a reset for the mood, and that keep things interesting for the rest of the year.

Do you think your art style has changed/developed over time?

Definitely! As I mentioned earlier art is a form of self-expression and people are constantly changing and evolving as they go through life. I think there are many factors that will influence you as you continue to evolve, so I think as you grow your art will grow with you. 

Do you think emotions have influence on creativity? If so why?

I definitely think emotions have an effect on your creativity. I think art is a form of self-expression and emotions have great influence over the way your express yourself. But I also think art has the ability to influence your emotions! So I think they are interchangeable.

Do you have a favourite colour?

I love working with blue, green, and turquoise colours! 

How would you describe your art style?

My style is inspired from Zentangles and Mandalas. Zentangle is a method of drawing that promotes concentration and creativity whist also increasing your personal well-being and a Mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols. I love lines and really detailed, flowy designs, so these features are definitely incorporated into my artwork.

What is your favourite subject to focus on and why?

I derive a lot of inspiration from nature and patterns! So I find flowers and natural flowing shapes are somethings that I gravitate towards a lot in my artwork.

Do you have any tips on how to stay motivated?

To be honest, I don’t like to pressure myself into staying motivated all the time. I find that it can have more of a negative effect on my creativity if I am constantly forcing myself to stay motivated. Ultimately I draw because I love it and I enjoy that freedom! And that simply has kept me going! So I guess my best advice would be not to put too much pressure on yourself and just find something that you enjoy.

What do you enjoy most about creating art?

When I am drawing something I find it extremely calming and satisfying. It is something that makes me happy and whilst the world we live in is so busy and fast-paced, for me art is something that focusses on the peace and serenity in my life.

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