Sit Down With Our April '20 Featured Artist

Angelika Schulte

Instagram / @artfusion__
Featured Artist / April 2020 ScrawlrBox

Angelika is an illustrator and designer based in Germany. She got very passionate about art at a young age and started to focus on drawing at 14. At that time she was highly influenced by Manga and Disney feature classics, so she started drawing her own characters, scenes and comics.

Later, while studying Media Design, she continued drawing in her free time and focused mainly on digital art. In the last two years her love for traditional media has resurfaced and she now experiments with a variety of materials like watercolour, coloured pencils and gouache to create her pieces.

Angelika currently shares her love of art and insights into her process on instagram, where she has also finds artists and illustrators from all over the world to further inspire her art work and encourage her to continue creating.

What do you love most about what you do?

It is such a great feeling to imagine and create characters and scenes.

How do you stay motivated and inspired?

Artists inspire me every day! I am also influenced by movies, music and photography.

Tell us a bit about your artistic journey up until now.

I started early like many artists. I still remember working on my first full coloured Disney-inspired works when I was 12. It was great. I never went to art-school but was always very passionate about drawing.

What are your dreams/aspirations for the future?

I want to focus more on traditional media like watercolour and gouache. Other than that, I love working on personal projects like zines, art books and prints.

Is your work available for purchase? If so where from?

Yes! I recently opened an Etsy store. You can find all my work there. Just head to and search for ArtfusionPrint

Do you plan before starting a new project or do you just dive in and see where creativity takes you?

Oh that depends... Just diving in is definitely more fun for me. I love the feeling when everything comes together, my process is quite intuitive.

What advise would you give to aspiring artists?

It‘s hard to give good advice, everyone is different. Have fun, draw a lot and learn from artists you like. Today you can also find great tutorials and Tips online.

You can only use one supply for the rest of your life, pen or pencil?


Black and white or colour?


What‘s your favourite colour?


Do you have a favourite, go to art supply/medium to work with?

Yes, graphite pencil! I am most relaxed when I make some random sketches.

Do you have a favourite artist?

I definitely have more than one, but Jo-chen will always be my favourite.

What is your favourite subject matter to focus your artwork on?

I always love drawing faces. It’s great to focus on expression and to convey emotion in your artwork.

As featured in the April 2020 ScrawlrBox

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