Our April '22 Top 3 ScrawlrChallenge Picks

April '22 ScrawlrChallenge: 'Walk On The Wild Side'

Strolling through the exotic wilderness of the jungle, you can never know what you might encounter. Covered in densely packed diverse vegetation and home to host of spectacular animals, both beauty and danger can be found around every explored corner. There is certainly no shortage of inspiration to be found in the alluring expanse of the wilderness. 

The April '22 ScrawlrBox was packed with supplies that helped you capture the captivating secrets of the jungle. Our featured artist, Cecilia Anchustegui, wowed us with her ability to capture the stunning wonders of our earth’s wildlife and the ScrawlrChallenge ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ encouraged you to envision your findings at the heart of the jungle. So let’s take a look at our top picks for this month…

Instagram: about_a_bob

Charging into our top 3… this wonderful rhino! We love the expressive marks and shading created with the colouring pencils.

The marker has been used on top to add to the shading and finer details perfectly. It’s really created an almost painted on effect. Stunning piece. 

Denise Rossi
Instagram: pinktraumaa

Delve deep into the jungle kingdom of your imagination and what do you see?

We're definitely glad we saw this fantastic duo by Denise Rossi 😍🐯 We love the almost animated style, very unique. We can imagine these two go on all sorts of adventures! 

Katrin Brynka
Instagram: wolcha_

Our final top pick, but by no means our least, is this lovely Turaco Bird by Katrin. Laying the pencils to form its beautiful plumage perfectly. The textures from the mark making are just spot on. 

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