Sit Down With Our August '20 Featured Artist

Bastien Marienne aka. Babtwo

Instagram /  @_Babtwo_
Facebook /  Babtw0
Featured Artist / August 2020 ScrawlrBox

Between spontaneity and dynamic painting strokes, Babtwo seeks in each portrait to convey emotions and sensitivities. Self-taught and at first rocked by the underground universe, he then decides to turn to the practice on canvas to devote himself to new creations, study and experiment different techniques. 

Fascinated by humans, it was these first courses in medical school and his first anatomical drawings that inspired him and very quickly aspired to make portraits: Deconstruct to reconstruct, dissociate to re-associate, play with colours, oppositions and contrasts, volumes and spaces, shadows and light, textures and materials; try to go beyond the superficial lines, to bring out the deepest in the raw state, glimpse a soul, capture a moment and read through.

What inspires you to create?

The world, people in general, people around me. Urban art: graffiti and rap are also great sources of inspiration of mine!

Do you have any advice on starting a project?

Try to organise as best you can. It’s very complicated for me, as I tend to start several things at the same time... I am still working on it, as organisation is important for the success of my projects.

How do you stay motivated?

The field of possibilities in art is vast. It leaves no room for boredom. Each creation is a new experience, with a new story and a different emotion. The idea of transmitting, sharing and making my art live around the world stimulates me.

When you are not creating, what is your favourite thing to do?

I really like to explore new places, to appreciate the architecture, the urban art and the cultures that are embedded in the landscape. I also practice a lot of running and swimming and I like to meditate.

What is the biggest challenge that you have overcome as an artist?

Each of my creations is a great challenge. I always try to add an extra touch but I never know in advance how the canvas will be exactly at the end so each canvas is a new beginning. But it is also what keeps it so interesting!

If you had to pick one song that reflects your work, what would it be and why?

Rien d’spécial - Népal It represents a deep universe, a certain melancholy, contrasted with a reassuring melody full of colour. The artist denounces human narcissism, society and the superficial world. He reminds us that we are all men first, with nothing special…

Is there a particular artist that you admire, past or present?

Basquiat (obviously), Schiele, Jon0ne, JR, Hopare and Hom Ngyen

If you could have one super-power, what would it be and why?

Probably the teleportation power. Go where you want whenever you want!

If you could time travel, where would you go?

Between the ‘60s and ‘80s!

How would you say your style evolved?

My art style started with graffiti, before moving on to the canvas. It is the graffiti that allowed me to familiarise myself with art and painting. It is my first source of inspiration, even today I tend to distinguish between these two very different practices. I then oriented my work towards the portrait, studied different subjects, experimented different techniques before finding my universe and satisfaction in my work

As featured in the August 2020 ScrawlrBox

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