Bruynzeel Fineliner/Brush Pens 

Featured In / November 2021 ScrawlrBox

We realise you may have never seen or used products like this before so we have put together a few hints, tips and techniques to test out and get the best from these supplies.

set of pens but two! Each set is a collection of complimenting colours. These sets are perfect for urban sketching, hand lettering, bullet journalling, brush lettering and drawing. Each of these pens is dual tipped with a brush tip for varied thickness line making and a 0.4mm durable fine nib for precise detailing. These pens contain a water-based ink so you can reactivate them with water or create washes and blends with a little water and a brush.
Test it out.

Things To Try...

~ Bruynzeel Fineliner/Brush pens allow for thin and thick lines, its all about the amount of pressure you put on the pen. A lighter pressure will create finer lines, the harder you press the thicker and more intense line work will be created.

~ Create visual interest with cross hatching, squiggles, dots and circles… mix it up!

~ As the smaller nib matches the brush side, you can use the smaller end to fill in more detailed bits while keeping the colour consistent.

~ They are also water based ink so you can have some fun by getting a paint brush involved! A couple of suggestions:
1. Lay the ink down on the page then sweep over a damp damp paint to blend out the colour.
2. Create a wash. Scribble on a palette first for some ink to work with, then use a wet brush to soften the colour, perfect for creating backgrounds.

~ The ultra fine nib on this POSCA marker make it ideal for adding in those intricate details with ease and control.

~ The paint inside the POSCA marker has a smooth, opaque coverage so you can easily go over darker areas- whether this is to cover a mistake (they happen) or for adding add highlights.

~ The ultra fine nib also makes it ideal for adding in intricate details with ease and control.

~ POSCA pens apply like acrylic paint, but they are water based. So, like the brush pens, keep that paint brush handy to experiment with.

~ In contrast, the Faber Castell Ecco Fineliner is a permanent marker. So any water added to the page while experimenting won’t distrubt those marks made. 

Artist Advice 

Aakanksha Bhalerao

I enjoy drawing florals a lot and the featured artwork is inspired from lilies! I sketched out my subject first and then decided to add details to the flowers and leaves with a fineliner. Drawing lines of varied thickness keeps the work interesting! I felt there was still something missing and so I added abstract swirls in the background. Then, because this piece is so detailed, I coloured the lilies to make them pop! One tip would be to add shadows to give some depth and layers to your artwork. I hope you use these tips and you enjoy exploring these supplies.

Nov '21 ScrawlrBox
Nov '21 ScrawlrBox
Nov '21 ScrawlrBox
Nov '21 ScrawlrBox

Nov '21 ScrawlrBox


Take a step back from your busy life and relax with this month's box.  Taking inspiration from our talented featured artist Aakanksha Bhalerao, we ask you to explore Zentangles and Mandalas in intricate designs to create an image representative of a calming mindset.  This box contains 2 sets of Bruynzeel Fineliner/brush pens (Tokyo and Venice sets), a Uni POSCA 1MR white pen, a Derwent slim eraser, a Faber Castell Ecco pigment liner, a Goldfaber 2B pencil and a Fabriano A5 sketchbook.