Copic Ciao Markers

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A Scrawlr favourite! Copic’s are loved by designers, illustrators and colourists worldwide. Copic Ciao is the ideal alcohol markerfor graphic artwork because of their smooth application and versatility. They’re double ended design features a Super Brushnib and a chisel nib for a variety of expressive strokes. Copics feature a transparent, expertly formulated alcohol and dye basedink. This makes them great for blending, layering, building tone, shading, finer details and line work. The brush nib is best used forcolouring larger areas with streak free results, while the chisel nib is great for mark making and finer details. Each pen is refillable and the nibs are replaceable too so they will last you a while.

Things To Try...

For smoother brush stroke transitions, use the brush ended tip of the pen and slightly lift with each stroke. Applying a medium pressure as you work, flick your wrist away form you as you work to feather the colour out.

Layer up to form shadows and create depth to your work. You can add layers of the same marker to darken the opacity, this can be used for shading and shadows.

You can also layer up your colours on top of each other to create new tints. Wait for each colour to dry to avoid bleeding.

Work from light to dark and leave areas uncoloured for bright highlights.

Blending! Copics are super blendable, for best results work fast while the ink is still wet. Any lighter shade will move the pigment of a darker shade, so its best to use the lighter one to blend with.

You can also create some fun effects by touching the nibs together for a few seconds and then lay your colour down.

It’s worth noting that Copics will continue to bleed out into each other until dry, so what you see when it’s wet won’t be what you are left with- this applies to blended and layered colours too.

Prevent uneven areas of colouring in larger sections by keeping the nib on the page and avoid overlapping where you can have just coloured. Work slowly for the smoothest results.

Make sure your colours are fully dry before going back in with a fine liner to prevent your outlines and details bleeding.

Artist Advice 

Katrina Young 

Most mistakes are fixable! Just take a breath, have a think and see what you can do. Use the lightest colour from the area you are working on, and work it gently over the mistake. This will bleach out where you wish to correct, so you can work back on top of it again.You can also use a colourless blender or isopropyl alcohol/rubbing alcohol if you have some.

Feather Blending
the best way for a smooth blend. Hold your marker side on, and then flick it up at an angle quickly. 
Use on top of a flat colour you already have down, or introduce a new colour by feathering in the opposite way. 

Prevent Streakiness.
I have found the best way to avoid streakiness when using Copics is to colour in multiple directions. I find switching up the direction between layers works best.

Fun Transitions. A fun thing to try with Copics is picking up another colour with your nib, kind of like double loading your brush with painting. Scribble on scrap plastic or a plastic palette, and then swipe your nib into the new colour. Then you can experiment with new transitions! This also works with a colourless blender for a gradual fade out of colour.

Watch the Tips & Tricks Video Here!

091 Thumbnails_Tips.jpg__PID:cc4ef583-14eb-47ef-b8ee-f08704aee777
ScrawlrBox #091
ScrawlrBox #091
ScrawlrBox #091
ScrawlrBox #091
ScrawlrBox #091
ScrawlrBox #091
ScrawlrBox #091
ScrawlrBox #091
ScrawlrBox #091
ScrawlrBox #091

ScrawlrBox #091

The #091 Scrawlrbox comes with a beautifully soft colour palette that makes it easy for us to embrace our feminine side while. Additionally, we had a featured artist, Katrina Young, who created an impressive piece that inspired us. In this box there are 3 x Copic Ciao pens, a Derwent pencil, a fineliner and finally 10 pages of the lovely soft Art Gecko Bristol Board.
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