Daler-Rowney System 3 Fluid Acrylic Paint

Featured In / #090 ScrawlrBox

We realise you may have never seen or used products like this before so we have put together a few hints, tips and techniques to test out and get the best from these supplies.

Proudly manufactured in the UK, Daler-Rowney System3 Fluid Acrylics are a versatile, multi-surface, pigment-based acrylic paint. Featuring a smooth, opaque and creamy consistency, they offer a high intensity pigment with great coverage that maintains depth of colour and vibrancy even when diluted. These paints can be used in so many ways! Use directly from the tube, or mix on a palette: pour it, puddle it,, drop it and splash it for expressive work and it can be dragged and painted for more traditional work. This fluid acrylic is also also suitable for use in air brushes.

Things To Try...

Drying Time: The more paint on the page the longer it will take to fully dry. You can tell if it’s still wet as it will have a glossy sheen to it. Once dry, these paints will not reactivate with water.

Add White: Adding in more of the white to the other colours will make them more opaque. Add a touch in for opacity or add in a tad more to create a creamy version of the colour you want.

The marker is super opaque so can be used to form outlines over your paintwork with ease, just make sure the layer underneath is dry first!

The marker can also be watered down on a palette to create washes. Scribble on a palette to get the ink out and get your wet paint brush in there.

You can also mix in the black marker to the other paints on your palette to create some interesting greys and toned down versions of your colours – the more black you add the darker the colour.

Collage! Take inspiration from our featured artist and rip, scrunch and layer up pages of textures and mark making to create unique visual elements to your work.

Artist Advice 

Kerry Lemon

Fluid acrylics are so flexible, and much easier to use for techniques whereyou want a runnier consistency, but still containing lots of rich coloured pigment (rather than just watering down yourstandard acrylics!).

The paper in your kit is lovely and thick so won’t buckle up and crumple when you add your paints. Try using both sides, one has a striped texture and the other is smooth - which do you prefer?

Try using these new acrylics for pouring, dripping and glazing (I also love to use them for printing).


ScrawlrBox #090
ScrawlrBox #090
ScrawlrBox #090
ScrawlrBox #090
ScrawlrBox #090
ScrawlrBox #090
ScrawlrBox #090
ScrawlrBox #090

ScrawlrBox #090

The #090 Scrawlrbox, was a fun box filled with supplies to dab, dot and scrawl your way to a masterpiece. Kerry Lemon - our featured artist - encouraged us to get back to nature and experiment with different techniques and textures to create something entirely different. This box contained, 3 x Daler Rowney Fluid Acrylics, a Lyra permanent marker, a Princeton angular brush and a Canson A5 Sketchpad.
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